1. The Easiest, Quickest, Cheapest Meals For College Students

    For many, the college years are some of the best years of their lives. But with back-to-back classes, studying for exams, spending time with friends, maybe a part time job, and various other activities, it doesn’t leave much time for cooking, let alone cooking meals that are healthy and inexpensiv…Read More

  2. 5 Top Tips For Living With a Roommate

    It’s definitely not unusual for college students to have roommates, whether you’re living in the dorms or in an off-campus apartment. Having a roommate makes living in an apartment affordable and provides a level of independence that can be extremely rewarding. So whether you’re best friends w…Read More

  3. Four Students walking to class

    Success in Motion: Four Ways Exercise Helps College Students

    Some say that the college experience is made up of three things: school, social life, and sleep. The catch is, you have to pick two. The truth is, you can have all three; and there is a fourth practice that can help you get there – regular exercise.  If you’re looking for apartments near Kent S…Read More

  4. Woof! How to Safely Interact with Dogs

    Whether you grew up with a dog in your family or you have spent time with your friend's canine, many of us have experienced the uplifting affection and unwavering love that these animals are known for. After all, you don't earn the moniker "man's best friend" for nothing. A dog’s friendship is com…Read More