KSU Student SuccessThe madness of the fall semester is finally upon us, Kent State University students. It’s been a main focus in our blog recently. You knew that the time would soon come and that summer wouldn’t last forever. On behalf of our student apartments in Kent, we truly hope that you had a fruitful, relaxing, fun, and all-around enjoyable summer. That’s how it was meant to be experienced!

Some of you may have stuck around Kent during the summer, working part-time or knocking out a few credits over the summer. To you brave summer students out there, we commend your academic discipline! Those credits don’t complete themselves, after all. For those who travel home for the summer like the majority of college students, you’re probably settling back into Kent and getting the hang of things once again. Perhaps you’ve already “forgotten” the layout of Kent since you’re only here for the fall and spring semesters, and you need a solid refresher of this quaint little college town to help get you around this fall.

Explore the City From the Best Apartments In Kent

Kent’s Best Apartments can help. To us, being familiar with the place that you’re attending college — and spending the best years of your life by doing so — extends beyond campus perimeters. Sure, you should be spending the majority of your time studying, learning, and congregating with fellow Kent State University students on campus, but it’s important to get to know the area around you, too.

There are so many great places within a moderate walking distance or short biking distance of our Kent Apartments, and it would be a shame not to discover what our hometown really has to offer.  From the history to the neighborhoods of Kent to some of the best restaurants in bars in town, consider this page to be a resource about Kent, by our apartments in Kent, for students living in Kent. Have we said the K-word enough at this point?