BEEP….BEEP….BEEP…SCREECH….BEEP. That’s how your morning starts — not as a group of ambiguous onomatopoeia, but hearing your droning alarm scream at you to get up and start another day. After nearly smashing the poor snooze button to tiny bits and pieces, you muster all of the strength that your five and a half hours of sleep have rendered you and begin to start your brief morning routine before classes start.

As you head out your front door in a rush hoping that you’ve actually buttoned your shirt correctly, you then walk down the street a few blocks and post up at the bus stop wondering where the bus actually is. “Are bus stops the equivalent of traveling purgatory?” you ponder to yourself as the coffee begins to kick in. Sure enough, the bus does show up, and you hop on to make your way over to class. Letting out what could only be described as a “Monday morning sigh” as you plant yourself in your bus seat, you realize that there are now only five minutes until class starts. This is where the thought really starts to dawn on you: I need to switch up my student living situation.

Answering Your Thoughts: We Can Help Improve Your Student Housing Situation

We hear you. Should you have to spend a lot of time just getting to and from campus? No. Should you have to catch a bus just to make it across town? Absolutely not! You’re living here in beautiful Kent, Ohio for one main reason: to be a student at Kent State University. It would only make sense, then, that your life in Kent is structured around your academic endeavors. Well, that’s true if you appreciate things like logic and convenience.

Your Total Solution For Kent Apartments

At this point, this is where we introduce our shameless plug — you are here on our website, after all! It’s our firm belief here at Kent’s Best Apartments that the greater Kent State University student population shouldn’t have a hard time finding student housing or getting to and from campus every day. College students should also have access to affordable rent, and not just pure affordability, but also great value.

Where You Live During College Matters

Sure, you could live in a tiny basement unit in an 80-year-old home with six roommates that you’d be ashamed to show your parents, but what do you have to show for it other than saving money on rent each month? Your college living situation is so much more than just a place to eat and sleep when you’re off-campus. Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student studying at Kent State University, these are some of the very best years of your life. Why not enjoy them? Where you choose to live after the freshman dorms on-campus will influence a good amount of your overall college experience.

Here’s where our shameless plug continues….

The Apartments Near Kent State University That Care

Designed specifically for Kent State University students like you, there’s no student apartment situation more ideal than Kent’s Best Apartments. We offer three different student apartment buildings just steps away from main campus; two of which were recently remodeled! While each building is a little bit different and unique in its own right, each of our Kent apartments prides itself in close proximity to the heart of campus, convenient access to nearby restaurants and shops, inclusive utilities, spacious layouts, and more! Here’s what Kent’s Best Apartments offers:

Clicking the above links will provide you with more information about each specific student apartment that we offer. Here are some common features shared features among each apartment building that we’d like to highlight:

  • State-of-the-art fitness center
  • Free tanning
  • Expanded basic cable and wireless internet included with rent
  • Free parking
  • 24-hour emergency maintenance (for your safety!)
  • Pet-friendly units (cats and dogs)
  • And so much more!

At Kent’s Best Apartments, there’s a lot to love — though we think that you’ll really value the fact that you can walk to and from class in a matter of minutes. To us, it doesn’t get much better than that!

On this page, we’re going to cover some important considerations that Kent State University students like you should keep in mind when deciding on a off campus living situation. Let’s dive in!

How Close Will You Be To Campus?

First, we begin with the most obvious and predictable criterion. It’s pretty difficult to call your situation “student housing” when you live 15 miles from campus, and it’s a stretch of the term “off campus housing” when it takes a good 25-30 minutes to get to your classes via car or public transit. Sure, you can catch up on some notes and do some last minute test cramming for a class when you’re riding the bus, but…do you really want to do that?

Ideally, your student apartment should put you within a very convenient 5-10 minute walk from the perimeter of campus, or maybe 15-25 minutes at most. While the weather may not always be ideal to walk to class, the option to get back and forth between the comfort of your own place and where you should be spending your time (ahem, campus — you are a student after all, right?).

When you’re thinking about the location of your next student housing situation, think “walkability.” Heck, there’s even a service that specifically rates the “walkability” of where you live.

What Are The Included Amenities?

If you’re looking at a student apartment complex near Kent State University that lists “a mailbox” as one of their included amenities, then you might want to reconsider your approach. It’s true that you get what you pay for, so why not get the maximum value out your living situation? After all, you (or your parents) are paying X amount of money per month to live next to campus. If you’re spending money to live — and let’s be honest, it’s not like we have much of a choice in the matter — then you might as well get the most bang for your buck. Really, frugal college students should know this better than anyone else.

Maximizing Your Amenities, Maximizing Your Apartment Value

When you consider student apartment amenities, you’ll want to think outside the box. By that, we mean to literally think outside of the walls of your apartment unit beyond what’s included in the kitchen, bedrooms, and common living spaces. Does the apartment complex in question offer a swimming pool, or perhaps a community clubhouse? Do you need to pay for your own parking pass? Is there a dedicated on-site staff for you to turn to in case you have any questions? Scour their website and look hard for what their apartments offer both in and outside of the actual units themselves.

Of course, you’ll also want to do your research and make sure that your own apartment unit comes well-equipped with things like air conditioning, a fireplace, functional kitchen appliances, a porch or deck area, an included washer and dryer combo, private entrances, and so forth. You’re paying for all of this, so make sure that you’re paying the right price for the right things.

Are Utility Costs Built Into Rent?

You might find a place that features a pretty affordable rent price, but a sleuth of hidden utility costs could have you spending a lot more money than you originally budgeted for your monthly living expenses as a college student. You probably wouldn’t give it much thought as a kid, but your parents most likely paid for utility services like gas, electricity, stormwater, trash and recycling services, internet, and more. That all adds up! Fortunately, at Kent’s Best Apartments, we build in some our utility costs into the rent price that you pay to help make monthly expense budgeting a total breeze.

Are You Considering An Apartment Or Renting A House?

Splitting a big house multiple ways with some college buddies can be a great time, but know that renting and maintaining a single-family home often comes with a lot more time-consuming responsibility as opposed to living in an apartment. To add to that, many neighborhoods with rentable homes may not be within close proximity to school, even if the landlord is willing to rent out their property to college students.

Our apartments near Kent State, for instance (okay, we know that you most likely expected this example — humor us!), feature stress-free, low-maintenance living for students that doesn’t involve you mowing the yard or cleaning thousands and thousands of square feet of living space. Apartments are small, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be spacious all while being extremely easy to clean up and maintain. You’re not living in Kent take care of a property rental as if you’re the landlord. You’re here to study and further your career at Kent State University!

Are There Any Noteworthy Move-In Specials?

If it’s all about value as a college student, then incentives to move in somewhere will definitely help add on to the value of your rental. You’re probably not going to find a free month of rent anywhere perse (though that would be really sweet, wouldn’t it?), but you can find student apartments that offer free items to help sweeten the deal. From free barbecue grills to no-frills gift cards, there are most likely a number of interesting offers out there to consider. Kent’s Best Apartments offers a free 32 inch TV upon move in….just saying.

Can I Bring My Cat Or Dog With Me?

This is a huge point to consider if you’re a pet owner, and this can serve as a make or break criterion for students looking for apartments for rent in Kent. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to sneak your furry friend into your apartment that’s not pet-friendly, even if there is a good chance that you’ll get away with it throughout the duration of your lease. Why? Well, if and when you’re caught, you’ll both be out of a place (if your landlord or property management company is strict about their policy). Not only can this damage your rental history as a tenant, compromising the trust of future landlords, but it will also disrupt your studies as you will no longer have an apartment in Kent to live in.

Are You Looking At A Place Designed For Students?

You might have a better experience living in apartments for rent in Kent when you’re living next to or near fellow Kent State University students. There’s nothing wrong with living in a more “graduated” neighborhood, but it’s unlikely that you’ll be within close walking distances of your classes at that point. By living next to your own collegiate kin, you’ll probably be able to get away with loud music and late night events without getting the ol’ broomstick banging on the ceiling from your ticked off neighbor with nothing better to do than getting annoyed by outside noise. Our point? Live around like-minded or similarly-aged folk and you’re more likely to have a cohesive, smooth living experience as far as apartments near Kent State go.

Rent With Kent’s Best Apartments

From the Hickory Mills Apartments to the Summit Hill Apartments and Whitehall Terrace Apartments, Kent’s Best Apartments provides the perfect living situation for any Kent State University student looking to live in an upscale apartment right next to campus — without paying upscale apartment prices.

We’re here to make your time spent in Kent to not only be a stress-free experience, but to also be enjoyable. College doesn’t have to be dingy apartments and ramen out of a dirty bowl! We truly believe that our Kent State University students are worth so much more than that. Get the best student apartment value — and location — by living in Kent’s Best Apartments. Experience the elegant life in Kent and explore our apartments near Kent State University today.

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