If you’re a Kent State University student who’s in search of the best apartments in the Kent area, well…all you have to do is look at our name! Though we’re biased when it comes to apartments in Kent, we’re proud to provide undergraduate and graduate students with convenient, upscale student apartment housing just right across the street from the heart of Kent State University. By helping students like you find ideal housing solutions, we know that we’re doing our part in helping further your education. Why spend time stressing about finding a place to live next semester? Kent’s Best Apartments is the clear choice. Feel free to check out our blog posts about the best student apartments in Kent by reading below

  1. Setting Yourself Up For A Successful Rest Of The Semester

    This is it. We’ve finally arrived at the end of November, and sure enough, December is right around the corner. The final academic push — appropriately known as “finals” — is looming over your shoulder, and if you’re like most stressed out students, then you’re probably already feeling…Read More

  2. Getting The Most Out Of Your Thanksgiving Break This Year

    You’re almost there, Kent State University students! After a long and seemingly nonstop semester described by words like “hectic,” “busy,” and “ramen,” you’re now at a point where you can practically see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. It’s a light that says, “Yay,…Read More

  3. In a Halloween Pinch? Here Are Several Last-Minute Costume Ideas

    You promised yourself that you wouldn’t let it happen this year. On October 31st of 2017, rocking what could only be described as the saddest ghost costume of all time (it was a white t-shirt with “boo” written on it with a Sharpie, after all), you made a pledge: “I, student of Kent State Un…Read More

  4. Think Twice Before You Make These Typical Studying Habits

    Trying to get a better understanding of your course material is frustrating and difficult enough on its own. What’s even more frustrating is reading the same paragraph or sentence over and over, spending valuable study time on the same section of content, only to be more confused than you were to …Read More

  5. More Everyday Items That Your Kent Apartment Should Have

    Suddenly, you find yourself in darkness. Sure enough, there’s a sudden power outage and, to make things worse, you discover that your phone is dead. Feeling your way around your apartment in total darkness, you curse yourself for failing to buy candles before the semester started. This is just one…Read More

  6. Tips For Choosing The Right College Living Situation

    Allow us to begin this blog post by saying “congratulations!” If you’re off at college attending beautiful Kent State University, then at least one thing must be certain: you’re no longer living at your parents’ house. Unless you’re from the greater Kent area and you’re commuting to ca…Read More