Here’s the thing with off campus housing: you don’t want to live too far away from school, but you also probably don’t want to live in the dorms on-campus. The ideal solution? Live right across the street here at Kent’s Best Apartments! You’re a busy college student — you don’t want to be spending valuable time searching for Kent State off campus housing, right? Between studying, maintaining a social life and just trying to eat and take care of yourself, it probably seems like there’s no time at all to figure out your next living situation. Let Kent’s Best Apartments do the heavy lifting for you! Read here about off campus housing in Kent, located right across the street from Kent State University.

  1. Your Pre-Class Checklist: What You Can’t Live Without On Campus

    Living so close to the heart of Kent State University, it’s pretty easy to roll out of bed at the last minute dressed in your Wednesday best (pajamas) and walk straight to your 8am lecture like a zombie. As you’re trying hard not to sleepwalk on the brief walk to class, you question why you regi…Read More

  2. Get Out And Explore Kent By Checking Out These Fun Places

    College towns tend to be great places, and it’s our firm belief that Kent is no exception. While the bulk of young people congregate in and around campus (for the most part), there’s still plenty to be seen, explored, and experienced outside the collegiate perimeter. It’s true that as a Kent S…Read More

  3. Interesting And Lesser-Known Buildings At Kent State University

    If you think that you’ve roamed around every single part of KSU, you might want to think twice. If you’re a seasoned senior or a grad student, perhaps you have heard of some of these “secretly not-so-secret” locations below. However, if this is your first Kent state off-campus housing situat…Read More

  4. Why Apartments Are Better For Students Than Houses

    Why Apartments Are Better For Students Than Houses

    After a long day spent on campus — going from class to class, cramming for exams at the library with very few breaks in between — the only thing you probably want to do when you get back home is plop yourself on the couch, stream some of the latest content, and fall asleep with your phone in you…Read More

  5. Myths About College

    Don’t Buy Into These Typical Myths About College

    If you’re here looking at off-campus student housing around Kent State University, that means that you’ve at least completed your freshman year at the dorms on campus. And my, what a year you’ve most likely had! The freshman experience is characterized by plenty of new introductions, time mana…Read More

  6. Common Mistakes Made By College Students

    To summarize that title in one statement, we’d say: Eating too much instant ramen. College clichés aside, there truly are many mistakes that thousands, if not millions, of college students around the United States tend to make every single year. Naturally, many of these mistakes are an inherent p…Read More