Here’s the thing with off campus housing: you don’t want to live too far away from school, but you also probably don’t want to live in the dorms on-campus. The ideal solution? Live right across the street here at Kent’s Best Apartments! You’re a busy college student — you don’t want to be spending valuable time searching for Kent State off campus housing, right? Between studying, maintaining a social life and just trying to eat and take care of yourself, it probably seems like there’s no time at all to figure out your next living situation. Let Kent’s Best Apartments do the heavy lifting for you! Read here about off campus housing in Kent, located right across the street from Kent State University.

  1. Refresher Tips on Studying For Finals

    Final exams are bad enough when you don’t have a pandemic to worry about, so this year there may be some additional stress when it comes time to studying for finals. Classes themselves have probably been quite different as well, which could have made learning the material more of a challenge. With…Read More

  2. Benefits of Living in Off-Campus Housing

    Whether this has been your first semester at Kent State University, or you’ve been around for a few years, some of the best experiences surrounding college life are not only meeting new people and learning all of the things but also living in that environment. There’s something so unique about d…Read More

  3. tips to take your cat to college with you kent's best apartments

    3 Tips for Taking Your Cat to College

    Let's face it, heading off to college is fraught with excitement for the unknown and a new place, but also some anxiety and fear you may have of leaving all your friends and family behind. One way to alleviate that fear is to take your cat with you to college. Having something familiar and something…Read More

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    More Benefits of Studying Abroad While in College

    There is magic in people. That's why we get together with our friends, get married, have kids, and celebrate life's milestones. We have coffee together, go do fun things together, like play a round of golf or go for a bike ride, and we travel, meeting new people and experiencing a bit of life as oth…Read More

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    The Benefits of Studying Abroad While in College

    There are a lot of new experiences and "firsts" as a college student. Odds are, this is your first time living by yourself without your parents. It may be the first time you live in a different state. It could even be the first time you have to truly take care of yourself, from making your own docto…Read More

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    More Tips For Finding a Job After College

    Many college students are excited to be done with long study nights and being a student who has little money. Many students move across country or back home when they are done with college, and many can't wait to begin a career that they have been preparing for for many years. That being said, it ca…Read More

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    Tips For Finding a Job After College

    You are probably having many different feelings about graduating from college. You are excited about officially beginning your adult life and finding a job and a career. You are sad to be leaving your friends and the life you've been leading behind. After all, those long nights of staying up late wi…Read More

  8. Tips on Stocking Your New Apartment’s Kitchen

    One of the biggest perks of living in off-campus housing is that you don’t need to eat cafeteria food anymore! No more living off of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, ice cream, and dry cereal! And it finally means you can use your very own kitchen to cook up your favorite meals, keep your favor…Read More