1. More Places To Get To Know In Kent

    Feeling cooped up in your student apartment, despite how amazingly comfortable it is? Do the woes of midterm studying have you feeling down? We’re no stranger to the college dynamic, and believe us when we say that we understand where you’re coming from. Fortunately for you and your idle (or fla…Read More

  2. Get Out And Explore Kent By Checking Out These Fun Places

    College towns tend to be great places, and it’s our firm belief that Kent is no exception. While the bulk of young people congregate in and around campus (for the most part), there’s still plenty to be seen, explored, and experienced outside the collegiate perimeter. It’s true that as a Kent S…Read More

  3. Tips For Choosing The Right College Living Situation

    Allow us to begin this blog post by saying “congratulations!” If you’re off at college attending beautiful Kent State University, then at least one thing must be certain: you’re no longer living at your parents’ house. Unless you’re from the greater Kent area and you’re commuting to ca…Read More

  4. Getting The Most Out Of Your College Experience

    Did your parents teach you the value of...well, value when you were raised? Getting the most that you can out of a particular experience not only translates into getting your money’s worth, but also making sure that none of your time was wasted. When it comes to spending a bare minimum of four yea…Read More

  5. Holding Yourself Accountable When Your Folks Aren’t Around

    Who’s going to shake you awake and help you get dressed so that you can catch the school bus on time? Oh wait, no one is going to do that because you’re a grown adult. Indeed, you’re not going to return to one of our apartments for rent in Kent hoping that there are groceries on the countertop…Read More

  6. Becoming A Morning Person As A College Student

    If you’re a true college student, that means you’re not getting much sleep in general. It’s hard to get up in the mornings due to those late nights spent pouring over your textbooks and cramming seemingly endless information into your brain. At the same time, it’s hard to go to bed at night …Read More

  7. Exercising Your Dog While Living In A Student Apartment

    Have you ever come home to a chewed up couch, newspaper bits all over the carpet, broken dishes on the kitchen floor, and the sight of your dog’s face that says nothing other than “I’m sorry, human. This is my fault. I’m guilty; please don’t be mad!” If so, know that you’re not alone. …Read More