1. Myths About College

    Don’t Buy Into These Typical Myths About College

    If you’re here looking at off-campus student housing around Kent State University, that means that you’ve at least completed your freshman year at the dorms on campus. And my, what a year you’ve most likely had! The freshman experience is characterized by plenty of new introductions, time mana…Read More

  2. Additional Mistakes That College Students Tend To Make

    As we’ve emphasized in the past, college students tend to make a good amount of mistakes. Like full-grown adults and like preschoolers, college kids aren’t perfect, and this developmental period of time marked by growing independence and learning how to cook basic mac ‘n cheese is an interesti…Read More

  3. Common Mistakes Made By College Students

    To summarize that title in one statement, we’d say: Eating too much instant ramen. College clichés aside, there truly are many mistakes that thousands, if not millions, of college students around the United States tend to make every single year. Naturally, many of these mistakes are an inherent p…Read More