1. Your Pre-Class Checklist: What You Can’t Live Without On Campus

    Living so close to the heart of Kent State University, it’s pretty easy to roll out of bed at the last minute dressed in your Wednesday best (pajamas) and walk straight to your 8am lecture like a zombie. As you’re trying hard not to sleepwalk on the brief walk to class, you question why you regi…Read More

  2. Prepare Ahead of Time to Avoid the Dreaded Mid-Semester Slump

    Somewhere between the excitement (or dread) of school starting and the stress of finals week lies the infamous mid-semester slump. Marked by unexpected midterm exam dates, missing homework assignments, flaky group project partners and far too much takeout consumed, this is the point in the semester …Read More

  3. Longing for a Break Already? Explore These Areas Close to Kent

    Some Kent State University students will go an entire semester without so much as leaving the perimeter of main campus. Everyone has their preferred modality of studying and focusing, and for some, that means immersing themselves in an academic environment. For others, getting some “fresh air” o…Read More

  4. The Most Common College Stressors

    The Most Common College Stressors (And How We Can Help)

    If college was easy, everyone would go through it. Well, that’s not exactly true — if college was free or ridiculously cheap, then yes, most people would receive an education. Sure, the college experience isn’t for everyone, especially hardcore academia that involves an entire career centered …Read More

  5. More Everyday Items That Your Kent Apartment Should Have

    Suddenly, you find yourself in darkness. Sure enough, there’s a sudden power outage and, to make things worse, you discover that your phone is dead. Feeling your way around your apartment in total darkness, you curse yourself for failing to buy candles before the semester started. This is just one…Read More

  6. Essential Items That You Should Have In Your Student Apartment

    Have you ever found yourself cooking a meal or fixing something wondering, “Where on earth did I put that screwdriver?” or “Don’t I have a pair of oven mitts laying around somewhere?” After spending valuable time getting into a project, you not only realize that you can’t find what you…Read More

  7. Tips to Pass Along to a Freshman This Semester

    In what seemed like the blink of an eye, summer has passed by to the dismay of students and the pleasure of student loan officers. What this means for you as a Kent State University student is that you can no longer sleep in until 1:30 pm (and expect to pass your courses), and what this means for or…Read More