Whether you grew up with a dog in your family or you have spent time with your friend’s canine, many of us have experienced the uplifting affection and unwavering love that these animals are known for. After all, you don’t earn the moniker “man’s best friend” for nothing. A dog’s friendship is comforting, so it can be tempting to approach and pet a dog every time you see one. However, every dog has a unique temperament, so it is important to know how to interact with dogs that you are meeting for the first time.

Kent’s Best Apartments offers the premier living experience for students attending Kent State. Our freshly renovated units are loaded with amenities to make your living and learning experience as comfortable and productive as possible. From our modern fitness center and swimming pool to our free resident parking and on-site laundry, you won’t find a better place to live while you pursue your passions. Did we mention that we are dog friendly? That’s right – you can experience the excitement and challenges of college with your best friend by your side! Read below for tips on how to interact with the furry friends that you’ll meet at Kent’s Best Apartments. Contact us for more information!

What You Need to Know About Interacting with Dogs 

A Dog’s Behavior is Highly Dependent on their Environment

Every dog responds differently to different stimuli, but all dogs gather clues for how they should behave by surveying their environment. A familiar environment (like their home) can create different feelings and reactions in different dogs. Some dogs are at their most relaxed while they are home, while others feel protective over their space and their owners, and will treat newcomers as a threat. Either way, it’s recommended that you err on the side of caution until you know how a specific dog interacts with others near its home. 

Dogs Read Body Language

This may sound obvious, but remember: dogs cannot understand a word you say to them – especially if they aren’t your dog. This means that dogs must gather all their initial information about a new person by how they present themselves and what they do with their body. Leaning over the dog, putting your face near theirs and making direct eye contact are all cues that can cause a dog to perceive you as a threat. Instead, it is best to present your side to the dog, turning away from them, instead of facing them directly. This gives them the opportunity to approach you when they are comfortable. Following these simple steps will help you and your canine make lots of new friends in the dog-friendly community at Kent’s Best Apartments. Get in touch with us to learn more!

Image of dog advertising pet-friendly apartments

How to Read a Dog’s Body Language

While some dogs will bark or growl to make it clear that they don’t want to meet you, others display anxiety in much more subtle ways. If you pay attention to a dog’s body language, you can learn a lot about how it is feeling to decide whether or not you should approach it. You can tell that a dog is nervous or agitated if you notice:

  • Raised Hair on Their Back or Neck
  • Ears Flat on Their Head or Pulled Back
  • Staying Low or Crouching
  • Eyes Darting Around or Looking Away 
  • Licking Their Lips
  • Quick or Jerky Head Movements
  • Leaning Away from You While You Pet Them

If you notice any of these behaviors in a dog, it is best to give them space and display the positive body language discussed above. If the dog feels safe, they will often come back seeking your affection. 

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