College apartments, unfortunately, tend to have a reputation for scamming and taking advantage of naive, unsuspecting college students. It’s a truly selfish and shameful practice, and what’s more unfortunate is that these young students simply don’t know any better because most of them haven’t lived anywhere else besides their parent’s house or the on-campus freshman dorms. 

Kent’s Best Apartments is here to let you know that we’re above the shady practices of other student apartments around the country. Each of our distinct student apartment communities in Kent is designed to provide a safe, convenient, and well-equipped living situation for Kent State University students. Whether you’re in the excellently positioned Hickory Mills apartments, the spacious Summit Hill apartments, or the well-equipped Whitehall Terrace apartments, our goal is to take good care of you and treat you with the respect and dignity that you deserve. 

In an effort to make sure that we’re serving Kent State University students to the best of our ability, we’d like to take some time in today’s blog post to offer several questions that you should feel more than free to ask us. Remember, contacting us is never more than a click away. Let’s get started. 

You Should Feel Entitled To Ask Our Apartment Staff…

…To Fix Something (As It Pertains To Your Unit)

The beauty with renting is that if anything breaks or doesn’t work (not including your own personal possessions), you don’t have to pay for a handyman to come fix it. Homeownership is time-consuming and expensive, requiring you to either fix something yourself or pay a professional out of pocket to do it. As we all know, no student has time for those shenanigans. 

Our on-site staff and 24-hour maintenance team work hard to be an available resource for all of our residents. This means that if an outlet doesn’t work, your shower isn’t putting out hot water, or fridge random stopped working, we’re on-call and ready to come by and fix whatever needs to be fixed in a jif. 

…Details About The Area

Let’s say that you’re a sophomore at Kent State. You’ve spent only one year living in Kent prior to now, and that “year” really only consisted of two academic semesters. To add to this, you lived in the dorms on campus, meaning that you spent the vast majority of your time studying, learning, eating, and sleeping on KSU’s grounds. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the typical freshman experience. But when that’s your only experience living in Kent, you may find yourself to be pretty unfamiliar with the college town when you’re living off-campus. Sure, Kent isn’t a very big city, but it is robust and features a lot of great restaurants, parks, bars and breweries, artsy areas, and more. We recommend taking full advantage of the city if you can by asking us what we recommend checking out! 

…How Utility Charges Work

Our student apartments in Kent are designed to offer unsurpassed value combined with the convenience of living only a short walk away from your classes. We’re proud to offer free parking as well as expanded basic cable and private high-speed, wireless internet access included in your rent. On top of this, we also include your water usage in your rent. 

Now, internet and water aren’t the only utilities that you’ll use with us. Gas and electricity are important utility factors, and to help you maintain your tight student budget, we’re always more than happy to answer any of your questions as they pertain to your monthly utility charges. 

…What We Can Do To Make You Feel Safer

In a world where shootings and other horrific tragedies dominate the news headlines, public safety is more of a hotbed issue than ever before. Though most universities across the country offer free, conveniently placed emergency calling stations and ample campus police officers, many students still feel like they’re not safe at times, especially when they’re walking home at night. 

We understand these safety concerns, and we’re sensitive to them. Whatever our staff can do to help you feel more safe, including contacting authorities or calling someone in on your behalf, we’re happy to do. No one deserves to feel unsafe; after all, you’re here to learn and be the best version of yourself, not live in fear. 

…What Our Exact Pet Policy Is

Kent’s Best Apartments is a proud pet-friendly community. Though many college students leave behind their family pet back at home, others choose to bring their cat or dog with them or even adopt a new, friendly face in the process. That’s a beautiful thing, and we’re more than happy to accommodate your best friend! 

In the event of pet-induced damage, stained carpets, or other situations centered around your pet, we’re here to help answer them. Don’t be afraid to ask!

…If We Can Accommodate You Any Further

At the end of the day, we’re here to help support your academic pursuits and provide you with the living resources to succeed. Chances are, if you can think of something that we can do or provide you with, we have you or your roommates accounted for. So, if you have any questions or comments for our team, or you have any special requests that you’d like to make, we can’t emphasize this enough: we’re here for you! 

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