The summer solstice is only days away, and that can only mean one thing for certain: the longest day of the year is upon us. What we can infer from this fact, however, is that the long summer days give way many hours of sunshine, ultimately resulting in some pretty sweltering temperatures. Admittedly, it’s been pretty rainy here so far this June, and the forecast implies that we have some more wet days ahead of us. But soon enough, as June gives way to July, we’ll have some “true” summer days.

Enjoy Your Summer From Our Pool-Friendly Apartments In Kent

It’s with this time of year in mind that Kent’s Best Apartments, your source for the best student-friendly apartments in Kent, would like to cover several pool etiquette pointers. These points are intended to ensure that our residents have a safe and fun time in and around the pool located at Whitehall Terrace (to be clear, this outdoor heated pool is not located at our neighboring Summit Hill or Hickory Mills apartment communities).

If you’re a Kent State University student spending your summer in town or you’re living close to campus while working elsewhere in this beautiful college town, today’s blog post is perfect for (almost) kicking off the official summer season. Let’s get started!

How To Keep It Clean And Cool At The Pool This Summer

No Glass, No Exceptions

After working hard to get through your spring semester at Kent State (and maybe even completing a quick summer course right afterward), we’re sure that nothing sounds better than a nice poolside Corona and lime — assuming that you’re of age, of course. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with a little legal drinking and accompanying pool time, you should know that bringing glass to the outdoor pool area is a bad idea.

We prohibit glass bottles, containers, and other breakables around the pool area for one obvious reason: to prevent folks from accidentally stepping on broken glass and getting a nasty cut. Blood in the pool means that the pool needs to be shut down to be cleaned, and hey, that’s no fun for anyone. But more importantly, we’re looking out for the safety of our tenants.

Save Running For The Treadmill

Regardless of whether you’re living at Whitehall Terrace or our other two great Kent apartment communities, you should know that you have 24-hour access to our state-of-the-art fitness center. This means that you’ll always have somewhere nice and air-conditioned to run and exercise, no matter what the weather conditions are like.

With this in mind, we strongly encourage our tenants to avoid running, skipping, jogging, or moving faster than a standard walking pace around our outdoor pool area. Wet concrete, sunscreen, and sheer pool excitement create a higher likelihood of slipping and falling, and that’s exactly what we want to avoid. Again, blood in the pool = a big no-no.

Use The Bathroom…Elsewhere

Speaking of what shouldn’t be in the pool, blood isn’t the only bodily substance that we’re covering. Though this should go without saying (you’re all adults out there, right?), please step out of the pool and make it to a proper restroom before doing your business. It’s as simple as that.

Don’t Bring Your Cat Or Dog With You

At Kent’s Best Apartments, we’re proud of the fact that we’re a pet-friendly apartment community. We love seeing the smiling faces on our tenant’s cats and dogs on a daily basis, but unfortunately, your loved ones aren’t allowed in or around the pool. We’re sure that your Yellow Lab would love to jump in and go for a nice swim, especially on an extremely hot day. But for the health and safety of our tenants (and their pets), we politely ask our tenants to leave their pets at their apartments.

B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Towel)

Though we do a good job to accommodate our tenants as best as we can, it’s important to keep your pool expectations in mind and note that we’re not a full-service resort. This means that you should probably bring your own towel to the pool so that you can dry yourself off at your leisure.

There’s No Lifeguard On Duty

An important takeaway from today’s blog post is that you’ll be swimming, lounging, and tanning at your own risk. Unlike public pools (or even private pools managed by HOAs), our pool is not actively manned by lifeguards. This means that you’ll need to be your own lifeguard: swim at your own risk, consume alcohol responsibly (don’t bring it to the pool area), and don’t attempt to dive headfirst into the shallow end.

Clean Up After Yourself

This pointer can take you pretty far in life, and it’s something that everyone should know for the sake of being a decent person. If you make a mess, please clean it up — simple, right? Kent’s Best Apartments provides plenty of trash cans nearby to throw away your garbage. Additionally, we provide a number of lounging chairs around the pool, but please treat them with respect.

Friendly Reminder: Sunscreen Matters

This is more of a general summer tip than anything else, but make sure to put this in practice because no one enjoys a sunburnt body. Make sure to lather up plenty of sunblock (not the spray stuff) before and during your time at the pool; you’ll thank yourself later when you’re not burnt to a crisp!

Use It Before You Lose It!

What’s great about living at our apartments in Kent is the fact that you have multiple community amenities to enjoy. However, many people tend to forget about these amenities that they’re technically paying for. Consider this a friendly reminder that you have 100% access to these amenities, and that you should never feel bashful about accessing the wonderful things we have to offer!

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At Kent’s Best Apartments, our goal is to be an open resource for our readers and our community members. Let us know how we can help you enjoy your summer to the fullest extent this year. Reach out to us at any time!

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