With the fall semester only days away at this point, you likely have a myriad of emotions stirring: excitement, dread, happiness, anxiety, and uncertainty. The start of a brand new semester invites new opportunities, a chance to meet new people, and a fresh start to your classes. If school felt a little stale at the end of the spring semester back in May, we’re sure that you’re ready to tackle your education head-on after a restful and enjoyable summer break! 

Now that it’s almost academic go-time, it’s in your best interest as a KSU student to make sure you’re totally prepared for the first week of classes. In today’s blog post from Kent’s Best Apartments, we’ll take a close look at several great ways to ensure that you’re completely ready to make this fall the best semester of your college life. Let’s get started! 

Academic Preparedness: Tips From Our Student Apartments In Kent

Finish Settling Into Your Apartment

If you’ve recently joined our student living community at Kent’s Best Apartments, we’d like to give you a warm welcome! Moving isn’t always easy, but settling into your new place can be fun. To help you focus on your academic efforts, make sure that your living situation is completely squared away. Have you stocked up on household living essentials? Do you have groceries to make breakfast and dinner? Is your apartment decorated with all of your personal items completely unpacked?

It only makes sense to come back to an apartment that you’ve fully moved into after your first day of classes. 

Stock Up On Supplies Beforehand (And Avoid The Bookstore!)

Again, make sure that you have the necessary school supplies before the semester begins. This means grabbing items like notebook paper, writing utensils, binders, folders, and so forth. To save money, we recommend shopping at a local office supply store rather than the on-campus bookstore. 

Adjust Your Sleep Schedule To Match Your Class Schedule

Depending on what you did over the summer, your body might be used to a later sleep cycle than your academic schedule allows. Assuming that you have at least one or two morning classes this fall semester, it’s a good idea to scale back your bedtime about a week before classes begin. This way, your body will be well-adjusted and ready to wake up earlier than it did back in June and July. 

Get Organized — And Stay Organized

Proper organization is a key element of academic success. You don’t want to lose your syllabi or other important papers during the first week of classes, so make sure that you start on the right foot and know exactly what’s going on. Use a daily planner in a print or digital format to keep track of assignments, upcoming course material, and pending due dates to make sure you don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises. 

There’s nothing worse than coming into class and being hit with a due date on a paper, project, or homework assignment that you haven’t completed. Know ahead of time! 

“Syllabus Week” Matters

If you think to yourself, “I’ve been through syllabus week before. It’s literally the first week of the academic semester, and all we do is receive an outline of the course. I don’t need to physically attend my classes until we start diving into the material, right?”, we strongly recommend reconsidering your approach. Syllabus week is there for a reason — and a good one! 

Not only can you establish your presence early-on in the semester by attending the first week of classes, but you’ll get a solid idea of course expectations, a high-level overview of everything you’ll cover, and a chance to ask questions before you dive into the details of your first true lesson. Who knows? Maybe you read a course description last semester and signed up for something that’s not what you thought it was. Attending the first week of classes provides you with the flexibility of switching out courses and making changes to your schedule before it’s too late. 

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