It shouldn’t take a day like Earth Day for people around the world to become more environmentally conscious, but the positive effects of this eco-friendly holiday are still quite noteworthy. Not only does Earth Day help raise environmental awareness in multiple countries, but it also drives people to volunteer and get engaged with their local communities, ultimately helping work toward a greener cause.

Thinking “Green” As A Kent State University Student

As a college student, you’re probably no stranger to green initiatives. Perhaps you’re involved at a club on campus that shares information about the state of the planet’s environment, or maybe you have a brochure from one of these folks that’s stuffed somewhere in the bottom of your backpack. Whatever the case is, there’s really no excuse not to be at least somewhat conscious of humanity’s impact on the earth.

Though there are many issues that plague our planet and the environment in which we live in, the ever-rising amount of single-use plastic in the ocean has quickly become one of the most significant concerns.

In honor of this year’s Earth Day, Kent’s Best Apartments, your go-to source for student apartments near Kent State University, would like to present several practical and effective ways to reduce (or in some cases, even eliminate) your plastic consumption — a hot issue in the green initiative world. If you have any questions for us, don’t hesitate to reach out at any time!

Saying “No” To Plastic Whenever Possible

B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bag!)

Bringing your own reusable grocery bag to the store is one of the most effective ways to cut down on unnecessary plastic consumption. Reusable grocery bags are extremely cheap to purchase, and better yet, they’re often given out as freebies on campus for promotional purchases. So long as you don’t mind toting around a randomly branded grocery bag, skipping plastic bags at the grocery store won’t cost you a dime.

As more cities around the country charge consumers an extra fee to use plastic bags, the use of reusable bags will continue to rise.

Don’t Buy Bottled Water — Use Your Own Bottle

With the abundance of reusable bottles out there such as Nalgenes, Hydro Flasks, Klean Kanteens, Yetis, and other trendy, name-brand containers, there’s just no reason to buy single-use plastic bottles of water. Though the aforementioned brands certainly make a quality product, they come at a steep cost, so you can always purchase a cheaper, generic reusable bottle at Target or Walmart.

With single-use water bottles being one of the most significant contributors to plastic pollution in the ocean, bringing your own reusable water bottle on-the-go is the way to go.

Don’t Use Disposable Razors

Though a fresh shave is made complete by a fresh razor head, throwing your razor out after one use is just wasteful. For guys that like a fresh-shaved look on the daily and girls who aim to have silky smooth legs as often as possible, you can do so while cutting down on your plastic waste: simply purchase a reusable razor with replacement heads. For the bold, a straight razor is worth considering for a truly close shave, but exercise caution for obvious reasons!

Make Your Own Coffee (And Put It In A Reusable, Insulated Coffee Tumbler)

Those drink purchases at Starbucks don’t just add up financially, but your multitude of drink cups can amount to something that you won’t be proud of. We’ve advocated that students buy a cheap coffee maker and brew their own coffee at home for an economical caffeine fix; what better way to take your coffee to-go than a reusable, insulated vacuum flask? Even a pricey coffee tumbler will be paid off in no time if you’re used to buying single-serve coffee beverages at coffee shops.

Shop Local

The next time you order something on Amazon or, say, a boutique ecommerce website, stop and pay attention to the amount of packaging that your product came with. Though excess packaging is generally intended to protect your purchase as it is in transit, the truth is that many of these boxes are stuffed with unnecessary amounts of plastic, paper, and packing peanuts.

By buying your items locally and putting them into one or two reusable bags that you’ve brought with you, you’re cutting down on the amount of wasteful packaging that these products would be (individually) sent in.

Use A Silicone Or Metal Straw

Plastic straw usage has become a hotbed issue in recent years as many establishments are working to replace plastic straws in favor of paper straws, or even no straws at all. And while straws do enhance the drinking experience for many people, you can enjoy the straw experience without feeling guilty about it. Just bring your own reusable straw with you whenever you go out to eat or drink!

Carry Your Snacks And Lunch In A Reusable Metal Container

Since you’re a penny-pinching college student, you’re probably packing cheap lunches at our nearby student apartments in Kent and then bringing them with you to campus. We applaud your frugal lunch measures, but be sure to use reusable food containers for your sandwiches and snack items — though they’re convenient, skip plastic zipper baggies.

Live A Green Life At Our Student Apartments Near KSU!

Though no one is perfect, we can all use Earth Day as a reminder to be more environmentally conscious through our actions and our intentions. For other ways to make your student apartment experience more efficient, be sure to check out our extensive blog archive!

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