Brace yourself: midterms are coming. At the beginning of the semester, in the wake of the post-holiday season, these notorious exams seemed very distant. Now, they’re on their way fast with no signs of slowing down, especially now that we’re in the thick of the spring semester.

This time of the academic year can really make or break the success of your semester — it sets the stage for finals season and it challenges you to utilize what you’ve learned thus far and put it to the test. Are you ready to rock it?

Midterm Advice From Our Apartments For Students Near KSU

Whether or not you’re prepared for the midterm season, know that Kent’s Best Apartments is here to support your academic efforts with the help of our apartments near Kent State University. Our apartments for students are designed for busy people like you who need a convenient and well-equipped living situation only steps away from the heart of campus.

For your benefit, we offer a few casual pieces of advice to help you ace your exams (and maintain your wellbeing) like a true academic pro. Let’s get started!

Eliminate Distractions

The ever-persistent beep beep of your smartphone isn’t going to help you focus on what really counts over the next couple of weeks. If you have any important calls or texts to get out of the way, we strongly recommend taking care of them before you really sit down and focus on studying.

Silence your phone, put it on “do not disturb,” turn it off, or leave it at our Kent apartments. Whatever it takes, make sure that concentration isn’t broken every couple of minutes by an entirely preventable distraction.

Make Sure That You’re Eating And Sleeping Well

The importance of taking care of your body, physically and mentally, cannot be overstated. You can study for 18 hours a day and more or less master the material in question, but if you’re depriving yourself of much-needed sleep, you’re not going to be able to access a lot of this stored information. You may even miss your exams because you got sick due to several nights of little sleep.

Exchanging a few hours of studying here and there for extra rest or a healthy meal is one of the single best things you can do for yourself. Trust us.

Meet With Your Professor Or TA

Though forming a study group with other students in your classes is certainly a great idea, looking to your professor or TA for help means that you’re accessing the main source of accurate information for your course. Meeting with them outside of normal class hours shows them that you care, and they’ll be more than happy to help you.

Let Us Know How We Can Help!

Kent’s Best Apartments knows how stressful the thick of the semester can be. Get in touch with our student apartments today and feel free to ask us how we can help you.

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