For many, college marks an interesting (and exciting) point in their lives. Unless you’re incredibly advanced, you’re beyond the age of a high school student, leaving your teenage years behind you and speeding ahead into your 20s. However, while you’re finally cashing in on all of that hard-earned wisdom from your K-12 school years, you also realize that there’s a lot more to learn about your selected major, yourself, and life in general. In fact, you may even come to embrace an academic paradox: the more you learn, the less you know.

The Pressure Of College Can Wear Down Your Health

So, during this transition period in life between public school and preparing you for a rewarding career and the ability to live independently, you’re cramming your brain with knowledge. Perhaps you’ve selected a really challenging major, and in order to finish in four years without taking any unwanted summer courses, you’re putting a good 17-20 credits on your shoulder each semester. When you try to balance every single other aspect of your undergraduate life while burying yourself in schoolwork, this tends to take up most of your available time every day — and eventually, even wear down your health.

Take Good Care Of Yourself With Our Kent Apartments

What good is studying when you’re too sick to get out of bed and read another sentence? Why even bother typing another paragraph when your brain is too fried to make sense of your own thoughts? Academic fatigue is very real, and when it comes down to it, taking care of your body and your mind is key to a healthy, successful college experience. Trust us.

How you spend your time outside of the classroom and with a face full of textbooks matters. Just a short walk across the street from the heart of Kent State University, Kent’s Best Apartments is here to make your life as easy, convenient, and stress-free as possible. Feeling like blowing off some steam? Visit our fitness center at the Whitehall Terrace Apartments. Want some fresh air and a moment away from your roommates? Simply step outside onto your balcony for a great view and a nice peace of mind.

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Here are some commonly overlooked aspects of personal health that busy college students just don’t pay any mind to.

Getting Proper Amounts Of Sleep

You can’t function very well on four hours of sleep each night. If you try to keep this trend going, we’re confident that it’s going to progressively wear down your health by weakening your immune system. Sleep helps our bodies and our minds get the rest that they need to perform their best. As a college student that relies on their brain day in and day out, doing anything to protect your brain and get the best “thought economy” possible should be in your best interest.

Though it’ll take awhile to transition if you’ve been more of a night owl, our Kent apartments do encourage you to consider becoming a morning person. By going to bed earlier, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day’s demands.

Eating Healthy Foods (And Eating The Right Amounts Of Food)

Have you ever eyed the clock at the library in the heat of finals preparation, only to realize that five or six hours have passed without you eating a single thing? At least you’ve brought along a water bottle, but your growling stomach isn’t very happy about how you’re neglecting your body’s nutritional needs.

When we’re extremely busy, it’s really easy to forget about the fact that we need to eat quality, nutrition-rich foods. An on-campus meal plan is convenient, but you’ll be eating the same type of foods on a weekly basis — and you might be eating too much at one given time if the cafeteria is using a swipe-based system.

For the sake of your health (and daily energy levels), it’s well worth your time and money to pick up some nutritious snacks and foods from the grocery store. That way, you can bring along healthy pick-me-ups to munch on in between meals or during class.

Drinking Plenty Of Water

If you’re not carrying a reusable water bottle around with you at all times, then you should be! The only thing more important than proper nutrition (“brain food”) is adequate hydration. When you go a while without drinking water, you’ll begin to get a headache, your skin will start to dry out, your muscles are more likely to cramp up, and you can even have bad breath as a result. Above all else, your mind won’t be as sharp when you’re not drinking water, and your ability to effectively and efficiently study will suffer as a result. Not good.

Truly, the amount of people that go for hours and hours without hydrating is downright appalling. Hydrate often and you’ll be healthier; that’s a fact.

Getting Moderate Exercise

Even if it’s just a round-trip walk from our apartments in Kent to Kent State University, your body needs to move around. In other words, you can’t just remain seated and pour through your textbook for nine hours straight. Get up, take breaks, and stay moving. Consider listening to your professor’s recorded lecture as you’re walking on the treadmill or doing core workouts. Go on a hike. Walk your friend’s dog. Whatever it takes, just get moving!

We Make Choosing The Right Apartments In Kent Easy

College is no easy feat, but finding the right student apartments in Kent shouldn’t be a difficult experience. To us, where you live during college is an important part of your health. Kent’s Best Apartments makes the choice an easy one! Reach out to us today to get started.

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