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Being a college student is both a fun time of your life and a hard time of your life, mainly due to finances. As a college student, this is the time of your life you are truly living on your own, you haven’t started your career yet, and you aren’t tied down to one particular place. You can travel, pick up and move, and really do whatever you want without a whole lot of responsibility. Yet, there is a price for this freedom — and that price is you are probably struggling with finances.

Because you don’t have a career and you aren’t tied down, money can be limited as a college student. While there is minimal opportunity to increase your income at this stage since you still have to sleep, there is ample opportunity to save the money that you do have.

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The basic human needs are food, clothing, and shelter (no, your iPhone is not a need). Kent’s Best Apartments has taken care of your shelter needs. Now, it’s on to food. Most Americans spend about 10% of their income on food, half of that being on food eaten away from home, which includes dining out. While convenient, quick, and great-tasting, eating out can be curtailed down to the minimal, maybe down to one or two percent of your income. If you think about it, that’s a three percent savings you could be using towards other wants, such as saving for a spring break trip to Mexico. While we do not recommend you give up food and start skipping meals to save money, Kent’s Best Apartments do recommend you take this small step of eating out less frequently.

Another great tip with regards to food is to not visit the grocery store when you are hungry. When you’re hungry, your body only wants food. Thus, when you are perusing the aisles, everything sounds good to your brain — even items you’d never buy such as pickled onions and okra. During this time, you are much more likely to spend unnecessary money on junk food, such as ice cream, chocolate, and soda, than you would be otherwise. These types of food can be more expensive, and odds are, you’ll buy more food as well while at the grocery store. Thus, eat first, then go grocery shopping.

Take Advantage of Anything Free

Any time you can mooch a meal, such as at a campus club meeting your best friend invites you to, you need to take advantage of these opportunities. When it’s free coffee day at your campus coffee shop, you need to go (and take extra mugs!). When people are on campus handing out free samples of anything, from laundry detergent to granola bars, you need to take one. This includes those giving away pens, bottle openers, cups, and mugs.

Another free item you want to investigate is campus amenities. Many colleges include the cost of their recreation center in your student fees, so you don’t need to join an outside gym. Many colleges have free bus services for students to get them across town, so you don’t have to call an Uber after a long night on the town with your friends. Use your campus library for leisure books, and if sporting event tickets are free, take them! Kent’s Best Apartments recommends that being a student does have its perks because everyone has been there and understands your trials, so take advantage of them when they arise.

Consider Lifestyle Changes

As a college student, it can be easy to fall into the college lifestyle of drinking, partying, buying food out, shopping, exploring, and being on the go. While we’re not advocating that you jump on the poor college student bandwagon of only eating Ramen noodles and wearing the same set of clothes constantly, we are cautioning against engaging in everything that college life has to offer.

For instance, if you go for a night out with your friends, this can include dinner, a movie, and drinks afterwards. This can easily cost you $100 or more, depending on where you go and how much you drink. Then, the next day, you decide to catch a spring training game in Cleveland of the Browns. Then, the next day after class, you decide to go kayaking along the Cuyahoga River. You can see how leading an active lifestyle full of good times can quickly add up.

Instead, Kent’s Best Apartments encourages you to enjoy all things in moderation as our money-saving tip for college students. You can go out and have fun with your friends, but don’t do it every night or even every weekend. You can do more less-costly activities as well, such as go for a bike ride or just grab coffee instead of going out to eat. You can cut down on all things bad for you as well, such as smoking and binge drinking. Not only will you feel better physically, but you’ll save a lot of money as well.

Work in College

If you are feeling cash strapped, you can always get a part-time job to supplement your college expenses. This is also a great way to save money for your much-desired spring break trip to Mexico with your friends. As a money-saving tip, this is one of the most prudent, because instead of being out spending money, you are earning money, which is, in effect, saving money. The key to this tip that Kent’s Best Apartments wants to emphasize is balance. You don’t want to work too much to the point it affects your studies. You also want to ensure this fits into your other money-saving tips for college students. After all, if you have to buy a car to get to your part-time job across town, then you are not saving money at all. In fact, you will be losing money.

Focus on Your Studies

On the surface, you are probably wondering how studying is a money-saving tip. There are many ways that keeping up with your studies can save you money. For example, if you earned a college scholarship, some scholarships require you to keep your grades up above a certain grade point average in order to keep your scholarship. You can also still apply for and receive college scholarships while in college, which many college students just don’t know about or don’t take the time to do. This increases your chances of receiving this money, which saves you money out of your own pocket.

And, if you take the extremely long-term approach, you can look at this way: earning good grades gives you a better GPA. A better GPA increases your likelihood of getting into a good graduate school or getting a higher-paying job out of college. Going to graduate school or getting a better job will save you money — since you’ll have more money to save!


As a college student, you have many choices in your young life, including where you spend your foreseeable future. We understand that you have choices with regards to Kent State University off-campus housing, which is why we offer the best apartments to make this choice easy for you.

Our studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments offer all of the amenities you could be looking for as a college student, with newly-remodeled suites, full kitchens, included utilities and basic cable and internet, and a 24-hour on-site laundry facility. We offer a covered bus stop, easy access to campus, an outdoor heated pool at Whitehall Terrace, and online rent payments. We want to make your stay with us easy since you have so much else in your life that is challenging. If you have an emergency maintenance issue, such as a clogged toilet, we offer after-hour, weekend, and holiday service.

With access to everything you need, from Kent State to all of the amenities, such as restaurants, coffee shops, and grocery stores, Kent’s Best Apartments is the obvious choice for your Kent State University off-campus housing. Contact us today to get started!