You promised yourself that you wouldn’t let it happen this year. On October 31st of 2017, rocking what could only be described as the saddest ghost costume of all time (it was a white t-shirt with “boo” written on it with a Sharpie, after all), you made a pledge: “I, student of Kent State University, swear to save procrastination for school work and to plan my Halloween costume at least a month ahead of time!”

What happened? Life happened, and now you’re left without even a clue as to what you’d like to dress up as, let alone how to execute a halfway decent costume. Doing so on a college budget is going to be even more of a challenge.

Allow Our Student Apartments In Kent To Help You Out!

Fortunately, Kent’s Best Apartments is here to bail out yet another unprepared college student. We’re not here to judge your dedication to procrastination, either — this is college, after all, and we were no different when we were in your shoes. So, prepare to head over to Goodwill and read below for some interesting and creative last-minute Halloween costume ideas that won’t look like you got them from a blog post written by one of the student apartments in Kent.

Use The Lemons That Life Hands You

This costume is a white t-shirt special, but it should at least get a few laughs from people who don’t mind a corny joke…unless they’re sour, of course. For a literal take on the idiom “when life gives you lemons,” write “life” on a white t-shirt with a black marker, and simply walk around with a bowl of lemons, pretending to hand them out to random people.

It’s dumb, but a costume doesn’t get much cheaper than a blank t-shirt, marker, and a bowlful of lemons.

Display Your Victims As The Cereal Killer

No, not as a serial killer — a “cereal” killer. Simply glue or attach a number of small cereal boxes onto a shirt, spray a little fake (ahem, completely fake) blood on the shirt, and walk around with some sort of toy weapon like a knife (keyword: toy). Again, it’s a silly one, but you’ll at least crack a few smiles on folks.

Cheer The Ceiling On

The ceiling does a great job of supporting the roof and keep us warm and dry inside. Show the ceiling your support by being a “ceiling fan” this Halloween. All you really need for this one is a t-shirt or jersey, hat, and pennant or pom poms that say “ceiling” on them. Get it?

We’re sorry about that one.

Have An Orange Beanie On-Hand?

Most people don’t have an orange beanie on them, but you might be able to thrift one on the cheap. If you obtain one, wear it with a shirt that has a cut out of Elmer’s Glue on attached to it — preferably with glue. Boom! Now you’re the glue that keeps your friends together. How perfectly dumb is that?

Are You a Redhead And Willing To Own It?

For those who embrace the name “ginger,” you can take this to the next level by making a Halloween costume out of it. All you have to do is create a sign that says “Ginger Bread Man” and walk around handing loaves of bread all night. Now you have a fun and lighthearted costume that’s sure to make people laugh, and better yet, enjoy free bread. Everyone wins!

Go As a Blessing In Disguise

If you’re rolling your eyes going, “This is just going to be someone wearing a sign that says ‘blessing’ while also wearing one of those nose-eye-glasses-with-a-mustache sort of things,” then…you’d be right, because that’s exactly what we were going to suggest.

Have a Burly Beard? Go As Forrest Gump

It’s never a bad idea to go as one of America’s most universally loved characters. Though Forrest has many iterations through the story, the famous scene where he runs across the country multiple times is a great time period in Forrest’s life to emulate. Simply get a yellow polo shirt, red running shorts, long white socks, and a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. hat.

Come Back Home Safely To Our Student Apartments In Kent

Whether you’re at the Whitehall Terrace, Hickory Mills, or Summit Hill apartments, trust that you have a safe and warm place to return to after your Halloween shenanigans. Happy haunting, KSU students!

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