Admittedly, facts about your school may not be at the top of your list for “trendy conversation starters.” Still, how much do you really know about the place that you currently call “home?” Ideally, Kent State University graduates will always refer to their alma mater as home. However, if you’re like most busy students who don’t know too much about the school beyond their major and the people that they regularly associate with, some of these KSU tidbits may be totally new information for your already-overwhelmed brain.

We’re All About Kent. Are You?

So, as we continue to slide our way into the fall semester, Kent’s Best Apartments brings you some intriguing information about the university provided on the behalf of Kent State University themselves. Before you read any further, know that the best information we can provide is that we offer the best value and location in Kent apartments relative to the heart of KSU. Discover the Hickory Mills Apartments, Summit Hill Apartments, and Whitehall Terrace Apartments for yourself today!

Kent Graduates Stay Local

Graduates of Kent State University go off around the world to do great things, but due to how well KSU’s majors closely align with Ohio’s economy, the majority of graduates remain in-state. Out of the 196,000 graduates (as of 2015) the university has produced, 68 percent of these alumni choose to remain in Ohio.

A 100-Year-Old Birthday

Back in 2010, Kent State celebrated its “centennial anniversary.” With a rich, 100-year history, the university system has provided a vital educational resource to Ohio.

A Great Place to Pursue Fashion

While many think of Kent State as an engineering or a journalism school (for good reason), the Shannon Rodgers and Jerry Silverman School of Fashion Design and Merchandising has won numerous accolades for its stellar program. With remote program locations in Florence, Paris, London, Hong Kong, and New York City, you know that Kent State means business when it comes to fashion.

Black Squirrels: The Unofficial Mascot

It’s true that Flash, the golden eagle, is Kent State’s official mascot. Every student should know this. However, there exist many little critters that roam up and down the trees of campus that serve as more of a colloquial mascot that’s intertwined with the history of the university.

Though squirrels are small, their campus presence is mighty. Though it’s unclear as to why, back in 1961, 10 rare black squirrels were “imported” from Canada by a man named Larry Woodell who was then the superintendent of the university’s grounds. Around the time of their release on main campus, students would commonly mistake the black squirrel for a skunk. Perhaps this was a joke of sorts? In any case, black squirrels run rampant on campus grounds, and Kent State loves them. The school even hosts the Black Squirrel Festival each fall, a day-long event that originated back in 1981. Keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out on the squirrel festivities!

A Breakthrough Anthropological Discovery

Dr. C. Owen Lovejoy is a Kent State University Professor of Anthropology specializing in the study of human origins. Known as one of the principal researchers who discovered “Ardi,” a hominid species that lived some 4.4 million years ago, he helped illustrate the importance of this finding which ultimately changed the way that the scientific community approached the concept of human evolution.

Famous People That Attended Kent State

Ever heard of the name “Drew Carey?” He attended Kent State along with fellow comedians Arsenio Hall and Steve Harvey. Actor Michael Keaton also went to KSU along with musicians Joe Walsh (of the Eagles), Chrissie Hynde (of The Pretenders), and members of the band Devo including Mark Mothersbaugh, Gerald Casale, and Bob Lewis.

Additionally, cartoonists Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers also went to Kent State. They created Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft which certainly predate the generation currently attending Kent State University, come to think of it…

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