As the heat of summer slowly but surely fades away, the cooler mornings and gradual color change of the trees bring the harrowing promise of midterm stress. True, we are only a few weeks into the semester and you might find yourself in the process of settling into your courses, but the thick of the academic madness is approaching fast and in full-force…just like fall! 

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Before the semester continues to speed up in its workload and intensity, we’d like to take a moment and acknowledge the coming fall season and all of the great things that accompany it. Take a break from the books and read something fun below! 

Why We Love Fall — And Why We Know You’ll Love It Too!

The Crackling Of The Leaves Is Positively Charming

Ah, the falling of the leaves. Leaves falling by the millions must be why autumn is more commonly referred to as “fall,” and if that’s the case, then we’re totally OK with it. Not only do the trees look stunningly beautiful complete with shades of red, orange, yellow, and green, but the leaves that fall around the trees just add to an already idyllic landscape. 

The firm, crisp crunch of sneakers walking on leaves is just a great sensation that anyone can appreciate. Make sure to take the time to go on daily stress reduction walks in between your classes, or at the very least, walk a little slower in between our student apartments and your classes and really take in the fall ambiance. 

You Can Finally Experiment With More Clothing Options

For those who religiously sport sandals during the summer, the chillier fall temperatures offer a distinct win/lose: on one foot, you’re finally able to wear sneakers, boots, and other fashionable closed-toes shoes comfortably. But on the other foot, you don’t have the freedom and comfort of having open toes everywhere you walk. 

In any case, and regardless of what your clothing preference or heat tolerance is like, there’s no doubt that people just wear more clothing in general during fall, winter, and spring. This is the perfect time of year to revamp your wardrobe, invest in some stylish bargains at a local thrift store, and enjoy the feeling of looking fashionably fresh on campus. 

It’s Pumpkin-Everything Season

Pumpkin ale. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin chocolate. And how could we forget the holy grail of pumpkin-flavored things, Starbucks’ forever-iconic Pumpkin Spice Latte? Whether or not you actually think that pumpkin tastes good (and believe us, no one enjoys eating raw pumpkin), the truth of the matter is that people are easily charmed by pumpkin-flavored…well, anything. 

And if swooning over pumpkin spice hand soap or candles makes us an “impressionable consumer,” then consider us pumpkinheads because we’re not ashamed to be caught orange-handed. Take advantage of this wonderful time of year where being pumpkin-obsessed is the most socially acceptable. 

It’s Also Football Season

Fall is primetime for college and professional football fans, fantasy football enthusiasts, and those who pretend to watch the game as an excuse to drink before noon. Whether you’re a big fan of football or not, there’s something about the game that tends to draw people together more so than other professional sports. 

Don’t worry, there’s also a sweet crossover during the month of October when baseball playoffs are at their prime while the football season is really starting to heat up. It’s very patriotic. 

The Temperatures Are Just Perfect

Too warm to put on anything but a tank top, shorts, and sandals? That’s the heat of summer. Too blisteringly cold to set foot outside, even dressed head to toe in warm layers? Indeed, that’s winter in the midwest. Is it just perfect enough outside to wear a pair of jeans and a lightweight hoodie while being totally comfortable? That’s fall in most places in the country, and we absolutely love it. 

Your classes may be challenging, but hey, at least you’re not sweating buckets or uncontrollably shivering during your walk to and from campus. Scientific studies suggest that extreme heat results in higher crime rates and excessive irritability in people, while cooler, milder temperatures offer a more relaxed and easygoing mindset. Thank goodness it’s going to cool down soon. 

There Are Fewer Insects Around 

Summer outdoor activities are great, as mountainous areas are the most accessible during this time of year. But the abundance of bugs, bees, wasps, and, dare we say, mosquitos, tends to put a damper on your enjoyment as well as your skin. 

Fall offers a wonderful time of year when wearing sunscreen and bug spray is no longer necessary, but it’s not as dry out as it is during the winter. This means that your skin can truly flourish, making cosmetic care a little easier for you as you focus on your studies. 

Ready To Thrive This Fall? 

Our student apartment community in Kent is fully prepared to help you enjoy the best fall semester of your college career. Continue reading our blog for more student-friendly content, or feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. 

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