With social distancing due to COVID-19 still in effect, there are many services that have stopped completely, have been limited, or have had to make adjustments. Apartment complexes are among the many businesses where the regular services have had to be altered in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone. This means that apartment tours are limited, unscheduled drop-ins are not available, and for residents, the process of getting maintenance requests completed has changed, among other things.

At Kent’s Best Apartments, we are dedicated to providing our residents with a safe and healthy environment for them to call home. Even among the most extreme situations (and the Coronavirus certainly qualifies as extreme), we are committed to ensuring that every unit and each resident’s home continues to meet and exceed quality, safety, and cleanliness standards. Even though we have limited maintenance calls to emergencies, we strive to continue to provide unparalleled customer service and support for our residents.

What Constitutes a Maintenance Emergency?

If there is immediate danger, call 911. In the event there is a fire or an alarm goes off, vacate your apartment as quickly as possible.

If you are ever unsure about whether an issue is considered an emergency, please don’t hesitate to contact the staff at Kent’s Best Apartments and we will respond as quickly as possible. Here are a few problems that are considered emergencies.

  • There is no heat in your apartment.
  • The refrigerator is not working.
  • There is no electricity in your apartment.
  • Flooding has occurred.
  • There is a gas leak or the smell of gas.
  • The carbon monoxide detector alarm goes off.
  • There is a fire in your apartment.

Maintenance for Non-Emergencies

If an issue arises that is not considered a maintenance emergency, please contact Kent’s Best Apartments and one of our staff will be glad to help and ensure that the issue is resolved in a timely manner. If the issue requires staff to inspect the apartment in person, our team will wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks and gloves to protect the health of everyone involved. To limit interaction, we may ask that you step outside while the issue is being inspected or repaired. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and we hope that our regular services can return to normal as soon as possible, as we’re sure you hope too.

Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Although Kent’s Best Apartments will work as quickly as we can to complete maintenance requests, if there are minor problems that aren’t time-sensitive, there are a few things that can be handled by you.

  • Unclog a Drain or the Toilet: Whether it’s the shower, bathroom, or kitchen drain, clogs are typically caused by blockages somewhere within the pipes. Depending on the severity of the clog, using a plunger will fix the problem. If you are unable to clear the clog using a plunger, specialized equipment may be necessary; in which case, it’s best to contact our apartment staff.
  • Replace the AC Filter: AC filters are typically replaced every three to six months. If it’s time for yours to be replaced, all you need to do is purchase a replacement filter at a local hardware store. Just make sure to find the correct size and follow the installation instructions.
  • Clean the Range Hood Filter: The purpose of the range hood filter is to collect grease, odor, steam, and smoke that occurs while cooking. Just like the AC filter, when it gets clogged, it will not be as efficient and can lead to more serious issues. Locate the filter, clean it thoroughly in the sink, and replace it inside the hood.
  • Clean the Refrigerator Coils: The refrigerator coils allow the fridge to stay cool, but won’t work as well when they are dusty. They are usually located at the back of the fridge, but may be located on the bottom. If they are accessible, turn off the fridge, wipe down the coils with a damp cloth, and plug the fridge back in. If the coils are not accessible, call Kent’s Best Apartments.
  • Change Light Bulbs: Changing the light bulbs is an easy and quick task that any resident can do themselves. Simply twist the light bulb to remove it from the socket and replace it with a new one. If it is a special variety of light bulb, you may need to call our apartment staff to ensure the correct light bulb is being purchased. Light bulbs can be costly in some cases, so if you are uncomfortable making the purchase yourself, contact our office.

Kent’s Best Apartments wants everyone to know that we truly care about the health and wellness of our residents. If you have any questions about maintenance requests or need to get in touch with our staff for any reason, please don’t hesitate to call.