Brace yourself…wait, you don’t have to brace yourself because winter is over. This means that spring is officially here! Congratulations, you’ve officially made it past the darkest and coldest part of the year. With the end of the spring semester now in sight, we’re sure that things are looking bright.

Given that multiple states in the midwest area endured what was dubbed the “Polar Vortex of 2019,” and combine that with other areas experiencing two “bomb cyclones” in less than a month, and what you have is a pretty crazy winter season. Though it’s officially been spring for a few weeks at this point, it’s only really beginning to actually feel like it.

Leaving Winter Behind: Welcome Spring At Kent’s Best Apartments

It’s with these longer days, greener shades of grass, and blooming trees in mind that we encourage our Kent State University student community to do a little bit of much-needed spring cleaning. Yes, cleaning your apartment probably isn’t very high on your list of to-dos, and your time is technically better spent studying, writing a paper, reading your textbooks, or working on a project. First and foremost, you’re a student, so that’s completely fair. But hear us out…

Coming home to your personal space within our student apartments in Kent, when you’ve recently cleaned it, is just going to feel nice. A clean physical space free of clutter reflects an organized, relaxed mind that’s also free of clutter. So, if you’re feeling a little stressed out before finals season even arrives, it’s definitely worth your time and effort to clean and organize your apartment space.

To help you do so, keep reading below from Kent’s Best Apartments for some great spring cleaning tips.

Easy Ways To Refresh And Re-Organize Your Apartment This Spring

Clean One Area At A Time

If you’ve neglected your apartment cleaning responsibilities for quite some time (and let’s be real, you’re a college student coming off of a long winter season — it’s perfectly normal to slack on cleaning for awhile), looking at your dirty apartment may be a little overwhelming. This is why you shouldn’t attempt to clean things as you notice them, but rather, focus on one room or area at a time.

Consider starting with your bedroom, and then moving over to the kitchen or your bathroom. Like completing a homework assignment, you’ll feel a nice sense of progress as you complete one area and move on to the next one.

Throw Your Sponges In The Microwave

Why? Well, since you’ll be using a sponge or two to clean and wipe down your kitchen and bathroom, these sponges are going to collect a lot of germs and bacteria. Minimize the grime on your sponge by running hot water and soap through it, wringing it out thoroughly, and putting it in the microwave for about 45 seconds.

Out With The Old, In With The New

While you’re cleaning your room, this is a great opportunity to set aside most of your winter clothes. Take your jackets, heavy pants, sweaters, wool hats, boots, and anything else wintery and store them in a container. This way, you’ll have easy access to all of your winter items for next season or if the Kent area gets a freak late-season snowstorm and you’re forced to don warmer clothing once again.

With this new space, you’ll have more room for your lighter spring and summer clothing. It also doesn’t hurt to rife through your clothes and take inventory on what you want to keep and what you could donate or exchange for credit at a local thrift shop. There’s no sense in keeping old clothing that you’re never going to wear.

Change Up Your Furniture Situation

Why not? Spring is a time of seasonal change and renewal, so your student apartment might as well reflect that. Mix up the feng shui of your living room or bedroom by changing the position of your bed, face your desk next to your window, or simply swap your couch and chair. Rearranging furniture doesn’t have to be overly cumbersome, and taking the minimal amount of effort to do so can make a huge difference.

Get A Houseplant (Or Two)

If you don’t already have a houseplant in your apartment (an apartmentplant?), you should — especially if you’re prone to seasonal or indoor air allergies. Not only do hypoallergenic houseplants help naturally filter and purify the air around you, but they’ll also add a nice splash of green color to the corner of a room. With minimal maintenance other than basic watering and occasional sunlight through your windows, owning a houseplant is a true win/win.

Keep Things Smelling Nice…

…by opening your windows and lighting a candle or two. The smell of cleaning chemicals isn’t always the best smell, so make sure that you’re properly ventilating your apartment by keeping a few windows open.

Employ Some Buddies To Help You

Dedicating a Sunday afternoon to spring cleaning means that you’ll probably get a lot done, but you’ll do so much more with a few friends to help you out. If you’re of age, the promise of beer and pizza goes a long way to incentivize your friends lend you a hand.

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