Pet Friendly Apartments

Picture this: It’s “dead week,” i.e. the week of cramming your brain with as much knowledge and material as possible before final exams happen on the following week. After starting at your textbooks and laptop screen for hours on end, contemplating using your textbook as a $240 pillow, it occurs to you that you haven’t eaten in…well, since you got to the library in the first place. On your quest for sustenance, you stumble by the student center and encounter a pleasantly unexpected surprise that automatically deters your appetite and boosts your happiness: There are dogs on campus that you can pet!

Diffusing Academic Stress With a Canine Companion

Almost immediately, your worries about cramming for finals and overloading your poor brain with information begin to melt away. The only thing that matters now is your interaction with this cute, stress-relieving dog. How great is that? Not all students have pets at home, and so it’s really nice (and conducive to your mental health) to have dogs on campus to find that sense of academic solace. Of course, for all of you Kent State University students out there who already own a cat or dog, you’ll want a place close to campus that does allow dogs. Shameless plug: Kent’s Best Apartments is what you’re looking for!

The Best Pet-Friendly Apartments Near Kent State Await You!

Whether you’re interested in the Whitehall Terrace Apartments, Summit Hill Apartments or Hickory Mills Apartments, take comfort in the fact that your cat or dog can accompany you in your collegiate misadventures. Below, Kent’s Best Apartments is going to take a brief look at some of the notable benefits of having a pet to come home to here in Kent.

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You Always Have a Friend To Come Home To

Girlfriend break up with you? Can’t seem to find any decent gentlemen in the area? Cats and dogs are different. Forever reliable and always true to your heart, your dog essentially just waits for you to get home when you’re gone, and they’re absolutely elated when they do see you. Cats…well, we’ll assume that you have a great relationship and maybe they’ll walk up and brush their tail on your leg.

Our point is that, no matter how challenging or stressful your day was, there’s always an immediate sense of relief and catharsis waiting for you on the other side of your door. Truly, it’s a good feeling.

Enjoy Various Health Benefits

It’s not like owning a pet has ever resulted in any negative health effects. Indeed, research shows that owning a pet can help combat depression and anxiety, while also helping to relieve stress — something that the student population could really benefit from. There’s just something inherently symbiotic about the relationship between a human and their pet. When you care for your cat or dog, and they clearly reciprocate that same affection (if your cat comes and sits anywhere nearby you, that’s practically the equivalent to them deeply expressing their love), you can enjoy a genuine sense of gratitude and pride in your companion. Scientific studies also suggest that caring for your pet can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, too. Sounds good to us!

People Are Naturally Attracted To You And Your Pet

We’re not necessarily saying that you should walk your dog around campus just to attract a mate (though that’s certainly a thing), but people naturally gravitate toward people — even friendly strangers — who have a pet. Of course, you shouldn’t get a cat or dog just to boost your social life, but hey, putting smiles and your friend’s faces and spreading joy through pet ownership is nice.

Your Pet (Dog) Will Help You Get Moving More Often

Even if you’re a total fitness junkie, your dog will want to move and get around more than you do. Whether you’re on roller blades and letting your dog propel you with a leash (not a bad form of transportation, really) and you’re just going on a simple walk around the block, dog owners stay in good shape because dogs are active, high-energy creatures. These are facts. Now, we want to be inclusive of cat owners as well, though you don’t see a cat owner walking their cat down the street very often. Chasing your feline friend around your student apartment near Kent State when they get the case of the “crazies” might have to suffice in terms of cat exercise.

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