It’s definitely not unusual for college students to have roommates, whether you’re living in the dorms or in an off-campus apartment. Having a roommate makes living in an apartment affordable and provides a level of independence that can be extremely rewarding. So whether you’re best friends with your roommate or if they’re just an acquaintance who needs a roomie, living together with someone else can be convenient financially, but often challenging in other ways.

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Best Advice For Living With a New Roommate

It’s common for people to have expectations when moving into an apartment with someone for the first time — we’ll be best friends, we’ll talk out our problems, and the apartment will always be clean. But reality doesn’t always go as smoothly. Living in close proximity to someone, even when you’re already good friends, can be challenging and may take some time to adjust; but with these tips in mind, you can look forward to apartment living!

Communicate Often & Early

Learning how to communicate with a roommate is going to be essential. Everyone has different ways of communicating, so be sure to clearly state your needs, wants, expectations, and work together to compromise so that everyone is happy.

Learning how to communicate early will make addressing issues that come up easier — and issues will most certainly arise. Don’t be afraid to tell your roommate about concerns you have or ask them questions about things. But remember: feedback goes both ways. When your roommate is addressing their concerns or has questions for you, remember to listen, remain calm, and to talk through the issue with respect.

Create a Cleaning Schedule

A clean apartment is a happy apartment. But keeping an apartment clean, especially common areas, takes time, effort, and teamwork. Consider sitting down to talk about cleaning responsibilities or to create a cleaning schedule. The kitchen, bathroom, and living spaces will most likely need to be cleaned by both people, but it may depend on who uses the kitchen or living room more. Tasks like taking the trash out or sanitizing the bathroom may be shared responsibilities. Whatever you decide to do, it’s best to set clear expectations going into it so that everyone understands their responsibilities.

Talk About Finances

Even couples who have been together for years can have a hard time talking about finances, so we understand that this conversation may be difficult. But when you’re sharing the rent for your Kent apartment, it’s a good idea to know for sure that you and your roommate will be able to handle the costs. Be sure to talk about rent for the apartment as well as utilities, food, and shared household supplies like cleaning products or toilet paper. Work out an agreement on how to split rent, utilities, miscellaneous costs, and who will actually submit payment to the apartment before moving in.

Respect Each Other’s Privacy & Space

Kent’s Best Apartments offers several spacious floorplans, but even the biggest apartment can start to feel cramped when you’re fighting with your roommate or simply want to enjoy some peace and quiet. When you’re both in the apartment, be respectful of their privacy and space. It may be a good idea to establish a rule that you don’t go into each other’s bedrooms unless given permission. Or you can set a rule on how loud the music can be when the other is studying or watching a movie. When considering each other’s space and privacy, it’s good to remember the golden rule: treat others as you would like to be treated.

Expect Change

If the Coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that change is inevitable. You may be best friends now, but after six months of living together, that may change! Your college class schedule will change, which can impact your home schedule. Job schedules can change. Finances can change. Your roommate may decide to get a dog! A pandemic may throw your whole world upside down! Whatever changes, remember to communicate openly, honestly, and respectfully.

Living with a roommate definitely has its benefits, but it can take some time to adjust and get to know each other’s habits. But as long as everyone is able to communicate and compromise when necessary, it’s sure to be a rewarding experience.

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