Living so close to the heart of Kent State University, it’s pretty easy to roll out of bed at the last minute dressed in your Wednesday best (pajamas) and walk straight to your 8am lecture like a zombie. As you’re trying hard not to sleepwalk on the brief walk to class, you question why you registered for a course this early in the morning and the realization hits you: there’s no backpack on your back and all you have in your pockets is your phone, apartment keys, and wallet. That’s it.

“At least I’m good at paying attention even when I’m half asleep,” you tell yourself.

Start the School Day the Right Way From the Best Apartments In Kent

If this situation is all-too-relatable to you (believe us, we were college students at one time and we understand where you’re coming from), you’ll find some value in putting your study guide to the side and digging into today’s blog post. Whether you’re leaving your student apartment to go to one quick class and returning home for lunch or you’re planning an all-day academic stint from sunrise to well after sunset, it just makes sense to leave Kent’s Best Apartments prepared and physically ready for the academic demands of the day.

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First and Foremost: A Good-Quality Backpack

A worn down, cheap backpack won’t last you very long and it’s sure to cause some back problems in the long-run. Think about it: you’re hauling textbooks (or a tablet/laptop), water bottles, snacks, maybe a jacket, and other miscellaneous odds and ends back and forth between campus and our off-campus housing. Sure, that’s a pretty short walk, but when you’re doing it multiple times a day, that constant strain begins to add up.

Your backpack should be a sturdy, waterproof carrier for your essential and non-essential school supplies that feels comfortable and supportive. Skip the $15 backpack special at Walmart and invest in a decent backpack that will last you years of academic wear and tear. You won’t regret it.

Your Laptop

If you’re wondering why your backpack feels a lot lighter than it should, that’s probably because you’ve left your computer on your desk back at your apartment…yet again. Needless to say, it’s an inconvenience to study at the library or in the common areas between classes without a laptop to access study material, and in some cases, you can’t do anything lest you subject yourself to, dare we say it, a public computer at the library.

There’s only one thing that’s more important than your laptop when it comes to accessing your study materials and the online world.


You guessed it. Walking to campus with a laptop in your backpack but no charger is like walking into battle with a sword but no shield; you’re only going to get so far. A charging cable for your smartphone is nothing shy of essential but your laptop charger makes the difference between walking back to your off-campus apartment versus staying put at the library. Again, it’s a short walk to and from Kent State University but you’d rather not kick yourself when it’s raining cats and dogs outside and you have to weather the storm.

A Form of Payment

If you have your wallet on you and nothing ever leaves your wallet for any reason, then you’ll be A-OK when it comes time to pay for your Subway sandwich after the realization that you haven’t eaten anything since 10:30 am and now it’s 5:45 pm. Relatable? Probably. Of course, we can’t really help you with the whole “how much money is in your bank account” part of payments, but we do our part by offering unmatched student apartment value in Kent.

Remember, you’re not studying efficiently or effectively when you’re hungry, so make sure to eat in between or even during class (respectfully, of course). It’s also important to have a form of payment as well as your ID on you in case of an emergency.

A Reusable Water Bottle

It’s 2018; buying plastic water bottles is typically in bad taste in situations where you could just bring your own water bottle from home and reuse it. There are about a million different kinds of reusable bottles in a variety of materials and volumes and they’re also not very expensive. Heck, if you really want to represent Kent State University, buy a reusable water bottle from the campus gift shop.

Adequate hydration is key to academic success and accessing more brain power, so don’t hold yourself back by forgetting to bring your own water bottle to campus. Bonus points if you bring two water bottles: one for regular water and another for an electrolyte-based beverage to help you get through those all-nighters at the library.

Conventional School Supplies

Though 99 percent of students seem to have a Macbook, it’s not unheard of for professors to hand out physical papers. Additionally, some students take better notes and absorb material more efficiently by handwriting versus typing, so keep that in mind.

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