After a long day spent on campus — going from class to class, cramming for exams at the library with very few breaks in between — the only thing you probably want to do when you get back home is plop yourself on the couch, stream some of the latest content, and fall asleep with your phone in your hand.

First and foremost, you’re a student here at Kent State University, and the last thing you want to do after an academically-challenging day is deal with matters at home. Roommate issues aside (we trust that our tenants have great relations with their roommates), you’re going to want a simple but refined place to live near campus that doesn’t require much attention or effort to upkeep after you’re virtually brain-dead.

Our point? The best living situation for Kent State University students — and college students everywhere around the world — is getting a student apartment. It just makes sense, and below, Kent’s Best Apartments will explain why in further detail.

Kent State Off-Campus Housing That’s Designed For Students Just Like You!

You’re not a homeowner (at least, we assume not yet at this point in your life), so why would you want any of the responsibilities associated with owning a home? As a busy Kent State University student, what you really want is a simple, low-maintenance living situation that doesn’t sacrifice luxurious, high-quality amenities — and that’s exactly what Kent’s Best Apartments can provide!

When it comes to apartments near Kent State, you can’t beat the convenience that we offer, because our student apartments are literally right across the street! From the Whitehall Terrace Apartments to the Summit Hill Apartments and Hickory Mills Apartments, there’s an ideal place to live for every type of Kent State University student. Get started by submitting an application or scheduling a tour at Kent’s Best Apartments today!

Walkability and Proximity

Typically, apartment complexes are strategically developed in urban areas with the intention of providing residents with easy walking access to nearby areas. From shopping centers to gas stations (almost ironically) to restaurants and more — like, you know, nearby college campuses — apartment complexes are concentrated and can fit within smaller areas that are conveniently located next to…well, just about everything.

Conversely, single-family neighborhoods are typically (but not always) more than a stone’s throw away from anything worthwhile — and by a stone’s throw, we mean that you’re going to want a car to drive around unless you’re fine with walking 30 to 40 minutes just to get somewhere. Sure, residential neighborhoods might be a little more quiet and spacious than more urban-centered apartment complexes, but the lack of convenient proximity to desirable locations is less than ideal for busy college students.

If you’re spending more time walking to class than actually sitting in class, then you definitely need to reevaluate your living situation!

On-Site Maintenance

If you own your own home, then guess who’s responsible for repairs? You. Even if you’re renting a home from a private landlord, unless they’re cramping your style and sleeping on your couch or something, they’re not going to be available onsite. However, with a student housing apartment complex with a dedicated on-site maintenance team, should anything go awry — which is already unlikely to begin with — our professionals are on the job almost as fast as you can notify us about it! From a maintenance response perspective, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Dedicated On-Site Staff

Let’s take things a step further. We highly, highly doubt that the off-campus house you’re renting has a dedicated team of professionals who work there to answer your questions and better accommodate your stay here as a student in Kent. If so, then….that’s really impressive. Really though, Kent’s Best Apartments has a full team of staff members based at the Whitehall Terrace, ensuring that you have the nearby resources you need to make your off-campus living situation as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Your college living experience doesn’t have to be a grungy, difficult experience in a state of disrepair. You deserve better than that!

Less Space To Clean

Generally speaking, apartment units are smaller than a full-on house. Extra space is nice, to be sure, but cleaning that extra space can be a total pain and a very taxing use of your time. You’re here in Kent to study and further your career by getting your degree at Kent State University, not clean.

Kent State Off-Campus Housing Tailored To Your Student Experience

To us, your college housing experience should be easy, stress-free, low-maintenance, and even luxurious! At Kent’s Best Apartments, we can provide all of these things — and so much more! Discover the beauty of our new standard in Kent State University off-campus housing by getting in touch with us today.

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