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You are probably having many different feelings about graduating from college. You are excited about officially beginning your adult life and finding a job and a career. You are sad to be leaving your friends and the life you’ve been leading behind. After all, those long nights of staying up late with friends just talking and hanging out won’t be quite as frequent anymore. You’ll be leaving the comfort of the known for the nervousness of the unknown, which is always the case when you embark on a new stage in your life.

Kent’s Best Apartments offers the best apartments near Kent State University. We have three locations to better serve you: Hickory Mills, Summit Hill, and Whitehall Terrace. Our studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments have been newly-remodeled and feature stainless steel appliances, full kitchens, air conditioning, extra storage, and basic cable and internet. In addition, our pet-friendly apartments offer free parking, include utilities in the rent, and offer a 24-hour emergency maintenance program. We do our best to make your stay with us comfortable and enjoyable. Below, we’ll offer up tips for finding a job after college. Contact us today to get started!


Visit Your Career Center

While you’ve probably heard this tip before, don’t dismiss it as lame. You heard this tip before because visiting your college career center actually works. The staff in the career center have years of experience helping new college graduates find great jobs after college. Plus, they have a wealth of resources to help you, connections with local businesses, and help with your job applications, resume, cover letters, and more. They can tell you which companies are coming to campus, tell you about open job opportunities that they know about, and they offer alumni networking programs.

Some colleges even offer online alumni databases of former graduates who are working in the field of your choice (maybe even the company of your choice) that you could leverage. Many college graduates of Kent State University have found great jobs through their college career center. Plus, it’s free; you can’t pass that up as a starving college kid!

Perfect Your Resume

In order to get a job, you’ll need a resume. You can post your resume on career websites where employers will go and perform searches when they have a job opening. For these sites, you’ll want to write your resume with keywords, such as “entry-level computer programmer” or “journeyman apprentice” since a lot of employers will search resume databases by the name of the position they are hiring for.

In addition, when you apply for specific jobs, you’ll want to tailor your resume specifically for that job. You’ll also want to tailor your cover letter as well. For instance, if you are applying for a business associate position, use the words “business associate” in your resume. Kent’s Best Apartments also recommends that you address your cover letter to the recruiter if the name is given and write an individual cover letter for each job, being sure to mention the name of the company somewhere in the cover letter. With so many job applicants to pick from, you want to make an impression with the recruiter that you care and aren’t just blanket applying.

Create a LinkedIn Profile

With everyone being online these days, you can’t exist in a bubble (well, you could; just don’t expect to get hired). LinkedIn is a professional business network that offers people the opportunity to connect with others, create a profile, and apply for job openings. It’s really a big online networking tool, but because so many businesses and people who work for those businesses use it, it’s an invaluable tool you should use.

Your LinkedIn profile does not have to be choke full of information. It can be simple. However, you do want to list your job experience, your internships, your extracurricular activities, and job-related skills you might have. On LinkedIn, you can connect with others (similar to having friends on Facebook), which is a good thing to do. Having a professional LinkedIn profile will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Clean Up Your Social Media Posts

Having pictures of yourself drunk at the last frat party you attended or some inappropriate picture plastered all over your social media accounts is not the best idea when you are searching for a job. It can be a major turn off to employers and leave a bad impression to those who are looking for serious candidates who will do well at a job.

Thus, Kent’s Best Apartments recommends that you clean up your social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram, because if it’s a tight race between you and another candidate for a job in a relatively-small company, you can bet they will look you up on social media just to see what kind of person they might be hiring.


It’s almost never too early to begin to look for a job after you graduate from college — even while you are in school. One of the best things you can do for your job prospects after leaving college is apply for an internship. While internships pay little or not at all, they give you experience in your chosen field that many employers love to see. If you can get an internship at a company you want to work for when you graduate (or at least in your industry), your chances of being hired afterwards with them are very high. Or, some recruiters even love to see that you’ve worked for a big name, such as Apple, Nike, or Chase Bank.

However, employers are not the only ones who benefit from this cheap labor in exchange for real-world experience. You get the chance to see if that company or that field is really what you want to do after all.


Kent’s Best Apartments offers the best apartments for Kent State University students. We offer three locations for your convenience that are all near the university: Hickory Mills, Summit Hill, and Whitehall Terrace. Our mission is to provide everything you need to make your apartments easy, comfortable, and like home as you stay here with us. Our amenities can’t be beat, from 24-hour onsite laundry facilities to single-story garden apartment, in-suite washer and dryer, extra storage, and a stellar staff. Our pet-friendly apartments are the best, with ample room for you and your furry friend, either in our studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartments.

Kent’s Best Apartments understands that you have choices, which is why we strive our hardest to ensure all of your needs are taken care of, whether that be an emergency maintenance call or a covered bus stop near us. Our newly-remodeled apartments feature full kitchens, stainless steel appliances, and basic cable and internet included. We accept rent payments online, so you can pay at midnight if you wish. We offer one of the closest options for you for off-campus housing near Kent State University. We truly hope that you love staying with us, and we welcome your feedback on anything we can do better. Contact us today for a tour!