Owning a dog is a wonderful thing. These compassionate, ever-loving sources of joy always bring us down when we’re having a bad day, and routinely show us that we could all live our lives with a little more gratitude. Man’s best friend deserves all the love, treats, and tender care that we could ever provide, and if you own a dog, then it’s your responsibility to adhere to this.

Of course, owning a dog also comes with its fair share of challenges. You’re a busy college student who spends countless hours on campus, and you might even spend additional hours away from home working a part-time job. This leaves you with relatively little time to hang out at our student apartments in Kent and actually spend some quality time with your pup. How do you keep him entertained and taken care of while you’re out and about?

Pet-Friendly Student Apartments In Kent

Because Kent’s Best Apartments proudly offers the most conveniently located student apartments that allow pets in the area, we’ll be taking a close look at some ways to ensure that you’re providing your dog with the best quality of life as a busy college student. Let’s jump in.

Taking Care Of Your Dog When You’re Away

Keep The TV On

Though it’s a little wasteful to keep your television on while you’re out and about, this is a good way to stimulate your dog with animal noises or background noise. We recommend playing animal planet or a program with other dogs in it — if you’re streaming videos, you can even loop videos designed specifically for dogs who are home alone.

Make Sure He Can See Out A Window

Dogs are always curious about what’s going on outside, especially when there’s no one else in your student apartment to interact with. Though your dog may bark at every passing sound, they’ll enjoy looking out a window while you’re gone. The visual and auditory stimulation of the outdoors is also less likely to make them stir-crazy, especially when there’s audio and video coming from your TV.

Calm Your Dog With CBD Dog Treats

CBD is entirely legal for both humans and pets, and it’s 100 percent safe for your dog to consume treats or peanut butter with CBD in it. Why CBD? Hemp oil is proven to help alleviate anxiety in addition to other benefits, and it may help your dog relax and sleep when there’s nothing else to do. If you can’t find CBD locally and don’t want to order it online, dog pheromones, all natural calming chews and essential oil blends are other options worth looking into.

Study Outside When It’s Nice Out

On your days when your schedule isn’t so packed, consider packing a backpack with food, treats, water, and your books/study materials, and go on a long walk with your dog. Find a good spot to sit down, relax, and tie your dog’s leash to something that’s secure. Though this may be a fairly distracting environment to try and get some work done, you’re killing two birds with one stone: taking good care of your dog while attending to your studies.

Work From Home

Classes canceled? Have the option of skipping a lecture in person and simply following online? While we’ll always encourage students to physically attend class, sometimes the opportunity to stay home arises. It only makes sense to stay in and hang out with your dog by playing with them or taking a study break at home by doing a few brisk laps around our student apartments with your dog.

We recommend tiring out your pup before sitting down to study and get some work done, because they’ll be fine with napping in the other room while you concentrate on your schoolwork.

Hire A Professional Dog Walking Service

This option is rather costly, especially from a broke college student perspective. Of course, you can’t really put a price on the quality of your dog’s life, and you need to budget accordingly if you’re committed to owning a dog as a college student. If you’re extremely busy and spend many hours away from our pet-friendly apartments, and your dog is rather active, it’s definitely worth hiring a professional dog walking or sitting service such as Rover.

Leverage The Presence Of Your Roommate

When you room with someone, you should make it clear that your dog needs a certain amount of attention, love, and stimulation. If you and your roommate have different schedules (which you likely do), try to see if they’re willing to let your dog out while you’re out of the apartment. Even a five-minute walk can make a huge difference if your dog would otherwise be home alone for multiple hours on end, so it’s worth asking a roommate or even a nearby friend for some assistance.

Just make sure to express your appreciation for their service by compensating them with some food, drinks, or even a quick Venmo transaction.

The Perfect Home For Your Cat Or Dog — Our Pet-Friendly Student Apartments

At Kent’s Best Apartments, our goal is to provide a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment for you and your pet. Though owning a dog as a college student may not be the best move, we’re here to help you achieve the right dog-life balance that you both deserve. It’s certainly possible, and the tips that we’ve covered above prove it.

To learn more about how we can better accommodate you and your cat or dog, contact us today.

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