The good ol’ US of A is now one year older than it was last July. Crazy how that works, right? At Kent’s Best Apartments, we like to think that we’re fairly patriotic in celebrating our nation’s independence from the British rule. You might even catch our staff sporting red, white, and blue this week…except for Thursday, of course, because Independence Day is a national holiday! 

Things To Do In Kent During The 4th Of July

Maybe you’re hanging around town working part-time or even full-time after the spring semester, or you’re living at our student apartments in Kent while taking summer courses. That’s all fine and dandy, but if you’re academically or occupationally grinding, it’s important to remember to take this day off and enjoy the freedoms that we all get to enjoy. 

Keep reading below for some fun 4th of July celebration ideas!

Community Events

Kent Heritage Festival & Fireworks Show

Though this community-focused downtown event isn’t happening until Saturday, we recommend making the short walk from our apartments over to the downtown area for celebratory fun and good times. The Heritage Festival & Fireworks Show features many different craft and food vendors, live music/entertainment, a car show, and of course, plenty of fireworks! 

Best of all, this event is completely free, and again, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our three beautiful apartment communities. 

4th Of July Fun Run, Parade, Festival & Fireworks

If you’re the running type (and a little competitive, too), then the 4th of July serves as a great excuse to pit your aerobic endurance against the community in an all-out 1-mile or 5k race. Of course, this is also a fun run, so you’re encouraged to tone down the intensity, wear plenty of red, white, and blue, and have a good time with it. 

Though the fun run and 4th of July festival take place over in nearby Aurora, it’s worth taking the journey if you have your own form of transportation — after all, it’s free! If you’re of drinking age, just make sure to make it back down to Kent safely before imbibing. 

Doing Your Own Thing

If going to a community event with many people isn’t your cup of tea, don’t sweat it! There are plenty of simple and enjoyable ways to celebrate the day off with your preferences in mind. 

Going For A Swim

Though it may rain on the 4th, it should stay fairly sunny for at least part of the day. Jumping in a pool just feels right on Independence Day, and if anything, doing so serves as your declaration of independence from the summer heat. Our pool at Whitehall Terrace is a lovely place to kick back, get your tan on, and cool off from the July sun. We’ve even written a pool etiquette guide just for our residents!

Should you sleep in and discover that the rain is dampening your plans, look for an indoor pool. 

Go Camping With Friends

There’s no better time to grab some buddies, load up your car with supplies, and head out of town for a couple of days. Though we don’t exactly have the Rocky Mountains as our backyard, we do have a few nearby camping areas that are only a short drive away. Silver Springs Campground, Countryside Campground, and Cherokee Park Co are all in the area, and their reviews on Google are very good. 

Make sure to respect fire laws and noise curfews. Also, don’t forget to clean up after yourself. 

Go On A Hike

Don’t have the time to head out on an overnight camping trip? If you’re a graduate student, then you’re probably chained to Kent State University in some way or another. However, this is a national holiday, and you’ll almost certainly have the time to go on a short morning or afternoon hike. A relatively short drive will give you access to some fun, easy and scenic trails. 

If you’d rather stick in town, at least go on a bike ride or take your dog on a long walk. 

Questions About Our Student Apartments In Kent? 

Whether you’re curious about the Whitehall Terrace, Summit Hill, or Hickory Mills apartments, Kent’s Best Apartments is here for you. Happy 4th of July! 

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