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There is magic in people. That’s why we get together with our friends, get married, have kids, and celebrate life’s milestones. We have coffee together, go do fun things together, like play a round of golf or go for a bike ride, and we travel, meeting new people and experiencing a bit of life as others lead it.

Normally, when you travel, you stick to the tourist destinations and maybe hang out with the locals at local eateries and at locations off the beaten path. However, your days are so packed that you hardly get to experience life in other locales.

For college students, they have the unique opportunity to study abroad and experience life in one location for a semester or a year. They can meet others and have the opportunity to form true friendships. For most who study abroad, it is a life-changing experience.

While you’re at Kent State University, the best apartments near KSU are Kent’s Best Apartments. We offer three locations, Hickory Mills, Summit Hill, and Whitehall Terrace, which are all within walking distance of Kent State. Besides being conveniently located, our best apartments include all of the amenities, including new appliances, balconies and private entrances in most suites, and 24-hour maintenance request service. Our mission is to create a home-away-from-home while you are studying. Below, we’ll continue our look at a few more of the amazing benefits of studying abroad. Contact us today to get started!


Make New Friends

With the internet, it’s easier than ever to stay in contact with those whom you meet. Thus, while you are studying abroad, odds are, you will form some great, meaningful relationships with others. You may have roommates who will become your friends, or you’ll meet others either in class or while you are exploring your new town. These new friends will help you become acclimated and can be your support system when you are lonely or you are struggling with something while abroad. When you make friends, they can truly show you the culture in unique ways. You may be invited to family events and cultural events that wouldn’t be possible if you were a traveler. Plus, Kent’s Best Apartments recognizes that you’ll have a reason to return now that you have international friends.

Discover the Food

Most of us have watched international food shows on TV and found ourselves salivating, almost tasting the food itself through the television screen as those on TV ate it. Street vendors in foreign countries are the real deal, and you haven’t truly had Mexican food or Italian food (spaghetti doesn’t count) until you’ve had it in those countries. Finding the best local restaurants while studying abroad is fun, and with the help of your new friends, odds are, you’ll find the hidden gems that no one else knows about but you and the locals.

Learn Differently

Most Americans go through the public school system, and the vast majority of classes have the same general format. This holds true for the university system as well. However, most foreign countries have a very different way of doing things, both in the secondary level and at the university level. Here, you’ll get a chance to experience these different styles and perhaps find one that better suits you. Some different styles of learning include:

  • Facilitator. This is more student-focused where the teacher serves as a facilitator and the class is taught in a general question, answer, and discussion format. This student-led approach can be fun and dynamic, and in a foreign language, can help you pick up on the language super fast.
  • Delegation. Here, the teacher engages in a guided learning process by giving the students lab assignments, in-class projects, and requiring group presentations where you teach the class a topic. The instructor is more of an observer, while the students take the helm.
  • Authoritative. This would typically be more of the American-styled learning like you see in our university system where the teacher lectures, the students take notes, and you are then assessed on learning with a test.


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