If you think that you’ve roamed around every single part of KSU, you might want to think twice. If you’re a seasoned senior or a grad student, perhaps you have heard of some of these “secretly not-so-secret” locations below. However, if this is your first Kent state off-campus housing situation, maybe you’ve only completed your freshman year living at the dorms on-campus (and we all know how wild and cramped that type of living experience is).

Exploring Kent State University

Whatever your level of academic experience is at good ol’ Kent State University, our point is that there are definitely some interesting areas of campus to check out that you might not have known about before. After all, some on-campus exploration could probably do you some good in the way of catching a little fresh air and getting some light exercise in between studying for exams and writing a paper. Why not venture around?

Your Home, Right Across From Campus!

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Now, let’s take a look at a few lesser-known spots in and around campus.

There’s An Airport Nearby Campus

We’ll admit that walking about four miles — technically off-campus — is a bit much if you’re just looking to kill a little bit of time in between classes. However, many students don’t know that Kent State University does, in fact, have its own airport. Used by two different flight schools, the College of Applied Engineering, Sustainability and Technology as well as the Commercial Aviation program, this airport serves both KSU students at the Kent community at large.

Though the airport itself is actually located in nearby Stow, this establishment has been open to the public since 1920. Though Kent State University purchased the airport in 1943, it was actually used to land planes coming down from Canada to the United States during World War I.

Lowry Hall: The Oldest Building On Campus

You may know about Lowry Hall, and you may have even had anthropology courses there. However, did you know that this hall boasts the richest history of any building on campus? Construction of Lowry Hall was originally completed in 1912 — back then, it served as the university’s first dormitory, housing female students of what was then called the “Kent Normal School.” Lowry Hall goes by the nickname “Walden,” but we’re unsure as to the history of this moniker.

There’s A (Slightly) Off-Campus Golf Course

It’s true! Known as “The Scenic Beauty,” students can find the official Kent State University Golf Course if they wander some two miles east of main campus. Added to the main campus map in 1971, you can find the men’s and women’s golf teams practicing on the course. If the natural beauty of main campus just isn’t cutting it for you, perhaps the rolling green areas of Kent State’s very own links will provide the peace of mind and academic solace that you’re searching for.

Apparently, Kent State students get very low rates if they want to play casually or for fun on the course. Additionally, not many golf courses can say that they have a set of railroad trails separating the front nine from the back nine. Of course, let’s hope that trains don’t actually blow through the serene environment of a golf course….

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