Myths About College

If you’re here looking at off-campus student housing around Kent State University, that means that you’ve at least completed your freshman year at the dorms on campus. And my, what a year you’ve most likely had! The freshman experience is characterized by plenty of new introductions, time management struggles, a liberating sense of independence, being homesick, and eating way too much cafeteria food — among many other things. First of all, let us congratulate you on completing your first year of college!

Helping Kent State University Students Have a Successful College Experience

But you aren’t anywhere close to out of the weeds yet. Your remaining years of school, whether you’re planning on continuing past your bachelor’s degree or not, are going to offer their fair share of challenges. It’s important to know what’s true and what’s not true when it comes to your knowledge about college — you wouldn’t study material for a course that you know is blatantly false information, right?

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To better equip our fellow Kent State University community, Kent’s Best Apartments thinks that it is important to address some of the more common myths surrounding college. Do you know what’s not a myth? The unbeatable value of our Kent State University off-campus housing. Having a great place to live near campus is key to getting the most out of your time here in Kent, and whether you’re interested in the Hickory Mills Apartments, Whitehall Terrace Apartments or the Summit Hill Apartments, we have all the amenities and lodging necessities that students need!

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College Myth: If You Pick The Wrong Major, Your Career Is Doomed

This blanket statement is very, very far from the truth. While it’s useful to pursue a major and follow it up with a relevant job in that field, many college degrees are quite versatile. This means that you can branch out of your initially selected field of work and start a new job in an industry that you didn’t even consider back when you were an underclassman. Keep an open mind and don’t put too much pressure on yourself when you’re following a major path. You’ll never know how things actually pan out!

College Myth: General Education Courses Are Always a Breeze

On the contrary, many required, lower-level courses can actually be quite difficult. All too often, freshmen enter their first year of college thinking that they’re just going to ace every single one of them with minimal effort. Remember that this isn’t high school, and as you progress throughout college, the rigor of the courses that you take don’t get any easier.

College Myth: You’re Bound To Meet Your Significant Other (For Life)

Who knows; perhaps you might be acquainted with who will eventually be your life partner. Realistically, however, this probably won’t happen — so don’t put any societal pressure on your shoulders to meet your future spouse in college! After all, college is a time in your life that’s all about you. More than ever before, you should be doing things that benefit your future and help you figure out just what it is that you’re passionate about.

The dating pool might be pretty good within the collegiate scene, especially given that there’s a high concentration of people around your age demographic just walking around, but don’t sweat your romantic life. Focus on learning, meeting new people for the sake of meeting new people, and having fun!

College Myth: Everyone Parties

This just isn’t true. There are plenty of students who…oh, you know, are actually students. You’ll find plenty of dedicated bookworms around Kent State University. Don’t buy into the Hollywood stereotypes of constant parties and excessive alcohol consumption. These things do exist, but they’re not nearly as big of a deal as you might think they are. Really, there’s so much more to college than socializing.

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