To summarize that title in one statement, we’d say: Eating too much instant ramen. College clichés aside, there truly are many mistakes that thousands, if not millions, of college students around the United States tend to make every single year. Naturally, many of these mistakes are an inherent part of the learning experience that is college — it’s only natural to make mistakes. Besides, if you were already perfect and knew everything (some college kids can actually identify with these things), then what would be the point of attending college in the first place?

From balancing your social life to saving money on textbooks and trying not to use those textbooks as a pillow during those late nights at the library, your time at Kent State University will be challenging. If you’re searching for the perfect off-campus housing near Kent State, you’ve already finished your freshman year at the dorms, so if anything, you’re already familiar with how tough being a college student can be (and hey, congrats on surviving the first year!).

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Schedule a tour today, or continue reading on below to gain some valuable insight on some of the more typical mistakes that college students tend to make. Let’s begin.

Not Attending Class

Between your hard-earned, saved up money, your parents’ money, student loans or scholarships, someone or something is paying for your college experience, and it’s probably not very cheap. While you’re saving money by getting the best value in student housing near Kent State University, there’s no reason to cut class when you’re paying to be registered in a course. Sure, you might be able to pass the course with flying colors and still get credit for it, but part of the learning experience is within the classroom doors, not burying your face in a textbook.

Be a smart college student and make your professors and your parents proud by attending class, even if it’s just syllabus week. Seriously.

Not Getting To Know Your Professors

Speaking of professors, try and get to know them when the opportunity presents itself. Sure, this might not always be realistic when you’re in a massive, intimidating lecture hall with some 400 students. Really, though, try pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone (especially if you’re more of an introvert) and catching your professor after class hours when they’re packing up their belongings. We’re not asking you to shove your way through the line of students waiting to talk to them, but there should be at least one ideal opportunity to introduce yourself sometime within the first few weeks of the semester. Express your interest in the course and subject material; ask a few relevant questions to get to know your professor a little better and identify any potential concerns you have.

If meeting your professor just isn’t possible, there are usually one or two (if not more) teacher’s aids (TAs) that you can also get to know. They’re just slightly more experienced college students themselves, so don’t be afraid to go up and talk to them!

Not Taking Advantage Of Free Stuff On Campus

From movie nights to free pizza at student club events to free samples at the student center to free coupons and Red Bull, you’d have to be a fool not to reap the benefits of just being a college student. Companies of all sorts know that college students are living on a budget, so exercise your power as a frugal sponge of knowledge and take advantage of these deals. The money you save can and will add up, and that’s more money saved that you can throw toward legitimate costs like tuition textbooks, and so forth.

So go forth, attend those cheesy and awkward job fairs, pretend to show interest in a niche student club, and fill your pockets with free desk candy from the career center. If there’s one thing college students learn, it’s how to be cheap…er, we mean, economically resourceful.

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