Congratulations — we’ve finally made it to the last few days of the semester! Okay, that’s not true…we’ve finally made it to the last few days of the semester prior to spring break. That statement has a little more truth to it as we really are honing in on the middle of the spring semester.

With the winter season packing up and Daylight Savings Time bringing us more sun and longer days, we’re ready for the big spring thaw. After enduring record-breaking temperatures due to wind chill around the country, it’s about time for some reasonable weather.

Managing The Rest Of Your Spring Semester With Kent’s Best Apartments

When you head out to class or the library from our student apartments in Kent, your head may be swirling with a myriad of thoughts: “How can I prepare for a midterm that’s only two days away? How do I uphold my social life and commit to plans with friends while having enough time to study? I don’t want to flake out on people. What would they think of me? Is what I’m pursuing even something that I enjoy?”

We get it. Those thoughts can be overwhelming, and they only compound the academic stress you’re already going through. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air on your walk to campus. Maybe take a slightly longer route to take in all of the beauty that you would otherwise walk by without a second thought.

To help Kent State University students like you navigate this often perilous part of the semester, our student apartments in Kent present a few reassuring words of wisdom. Keeping reading below!

Mid-Semester Words Of Wisdom For Kent State University Students

It’s perfectly fine to cancel your plans to make time for studying.

Get this: as a college student, you’re here to be..studious. Who would’ve known, right? Being studious doesn’t just mean being a bookworm; it means that you’re dedicated to your studies by exercising the discipline necessary to absorb knowledge and excel in your courses. After all, the idea is to practically apply this knowledge (and the credibility that comes with a degree) to a career that you’ll love, right?

Don’t feel bad if you’re flaking out on a friend because you simply need more time to hit the books. That’s what you’re here for, and beyond taking care of your basic physical and mental health, academic pursuits should always be your first priority as a college student.

Be mindful of where you study, because your immediate environment matters.

Need the motivation to open that study guide and get cracking? You’re probably not going to find it while hanging out at your buddy’s off-campus man cave or even when you’re curled up with your phone in the comfort of our student apartments in Kent. But when you put yourself in an environment with other students who are studying/working, then you’re more inclined to do the same.

Find a spot that’s comfortable, but not too comfortable. Sit in a chair that promotes good posture, and get up and walk around every now and then to get the blood flowing. If you can find an area on campus with standing desks, we highly recommend using one!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek help.

This is a life-long piece of advice that applies in many different situations. We know that raising your hand in a lecture hall of 300+ students is intimidating, to say the least. But guess what? You’re here to learn, and you’re paying to utilize your professors as an educational resource.

If a valid question pops into your head or you just don’t understand a certain concept, please bring forth your question. Even if it seems stupid, it’s probably not; we’re sure that many other students are probably wondering the same thing.

Additionally, please don’t be hesitant to meet with your professor or TAs after class. Their office hours are a great time to pick their brains without the social pressure of being around hundreds of other students.

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