It’s the heat of finals season. You only have one more lecture to go before it’s exam time, and you’re planning your time wisely by studying early rather than waiting for the last moment and cramming all of this knowledge into your brain. You’ve even coordinated various study groups to help your classmates study, too.

You’ve been a responsible student this spring semester, but you’ve mostly been loyal to your academic pursuits. Your body, on the other hand, has not been treated so well. While you’re slated to finish the semester strong, your projected academic success is coming at the expense of your health. Too many late nights and early mornings spent stressing about your studies, combined with a lack of quality nutrition and exercise, has led to your immune system’s demise.

Keeping The KSU Community Healthy At Our Student Apartments In Kent

Sure enough, you start to feel your throat tingle. What do you do? You certainly can’t afford to waste those countless hours studying by missing your exams. Because we provide the best student apartments in Kent near Kent State University, Kent’s Best Apartments is dedicated to your academic success. This means that we’d like to go over a few effective ways to try and stop a cold or other illness in its tracks for the sake of finals week.

Keep reading below for a few tips on how to keep your health on the up-and-up during the most important part of the semester, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your student apartment living situation!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

This is something that you should obviously be doing frequently, every day, for the rest of your life. However, intense study sessions may leave you drinking only one small bottle of water over the course of hours, resulting in significant dehydration. Not only will ample hydration prevent a cold from coming on, but a well-hydrated brain is also a better-performing brain.

If you start to feel that dreaded throat tingle and you know that you’re starting to feel under the weather, make sure to push a lot of fluids into your body. Aside from regular water, drinks with electrolytes are also a great option –– just make sure not to overdo it on the sugar.

Load Up On Vitamin C

Products like Emergen-C or Airborne are wonderful in fortifying your immune system when it needs help. They won’t magically make you 100 percent healthy once again, but these products work in tandem with water to make sure that everything is functioning as it should, including your brain. If mixing one of these immunity drinks is too much of an inconvenience for you, know that these products are also available in chewable, gummy form.

Take Zinc The Moment You Start To Feel “Off”

Though everyone has their preferred cold prevention regimen, many people, including students here at Kent State University, have had success in warding off their cold with the help of zinc lozenges. Products like Zicam might be homeopathic with relatively limited scientific support, but there is some evidence to suggest that taking zinc can help fortify your immune system and fight off a cold before it worsens.

The trick is to take your zinc early. Listen to your body. The moment you start to feel less-than-optimal is the moment that you want to be taking zinc.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep

We know that this isn’t the best time of the semester to be getting ample amounts of sleep. In fact, it’s probably the worst time of the year to go to bed early and sleep in because you’re incredibly busy with finals preparation. We get it! However, you’ll need to make time for sleep. Limit your caffeine intake in the afternoon and make sure to eat a decent meal (with real, nutritious foods) before bedtime.

Though you might be cutting into studying time with extra sleep, what’s the point of studying extra hard if you’re going to be sick and miss your exams?

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If there’s anything that Kent’s Best Apartments can do to help you do well this finals season, we’re happy to help. Simply reach out to us at any time.

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