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No one said life was easy. That goes for college students as well. Between work, life, school, and play, it’s hard to find time to eat, let alone study, make good grades, and plan for the future. A lot is asked of college students, and it can be hard to strike the right balance.

Kent’s Best Apartments offers Kent State University students the best off-campus housing option with our three apartment locations: Hickory Mills, Summit Hill, and Whitehall Terrace. Our newly-remodeled apartments offer a plethora of amenities, from full kitchens, stainless steel appliances, open floor plans to expanded basic cable with wireless internet and included utilities. With these apartments near Kent State, we offer convenience and ease. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to strike the right work, life, and school balance as a college student. Contact us today for a tour!


Time Management

While this tip applies across the board to everyone, time management is a crucial skill to have, develop, and hone while in college as it will help you throughout your entire adult life. As a college student, there is almost no end to the amount of activities you can do on campus. From before school even starts, events are happening everywhere you turn, from campus organizations hosting events to off-campus parties and activities. The risk here is that you can get involved in too many activities, organizations, and clubs that can easily take up all of your time, leaving little time to study, which is the primary reason you are in college. Plus, depending on the activity, these can leave you zapped of energy, so the time you do have left is mainly resting and sleeping.

Kent’s Best Apartments recommends that you strike a balance here. Find the handful of social activities that truly makes your heart sing, and say no to the rest. This will not only recharge your batteries, but you’ll have the energy and the mindset for your studies.

One final word on time management: it can be really easy to let your time slip by doing a whole lot of nothing. By this we mean just hanging out with your friends, drinking coffee, sleeping for 10 hours a day, and going for long leisurely walks so that by the end of your day, you got nothing accomplished. Time management also involves using your time to accomplish tasks and not letting it idle away.


In the 21st century, college students grew up with technology. They’ve had a cell phone since they were in elementary school and a computer before that. They’ve probably had video games since they were a kid and iPads that went everywhere with them. College students grew up with the notion that technology goes where they go.

One study by Baylor University showed that college students spend an average of eight to 10 hours a day on their cell phones or some other electronic device. That’s the average amount of time adults work a day so, in essence, college students’ full-time job is checking their phones.

Kent’s Best Apartments recommends that by just cutting the amount of time you are on your phone, texting, surfing the Internet, and checking social media, you’ll free up over 20 hours a week. That for most college students is more than enough time to do their studies. You could even get a part-time job in the amount of time you spend on your phone. Think of all that you could accomplish with an extra 20 hours a week. You could invest in your health by hitting the gym. You could invest in nature by going for hikes. You could invest in others by encouraging them in their life’s journey. You could accomplish all of your goals and even add more — all by simply cutting your screen time.

Prioritize Tasks

Throughout your college career, you will have lots of small assignments and then your fair share of larger assignments. You will also have sleep, perhaps a part-time job, eating, and all of the other activities that go along with daily living. Thus, in the remaining hours of the day that you have, you will have to prioritize your tasks. For example, if you know for your literature class that you will have a 50-page paper due at the end of the semester, it’s best to knock this out in chunks — and early. Make it a priority to write five pages a week for 10 weeks, and if you do so, your paper will be done in plenty of time for the end of the semester. If you wait, this task can seem overwhelming.

Kent’s Best Apartments recommends that you either write your tasks down with details and deadlines, or use your phone to set reminders and to-do lists. If you don’t, you may find that other, more appealing ways to spend your time will call, such as hanging out with your friends or watching your new favorite show on Netflix.

Don’t Procrastinate

We all know that we shouldn’t procrastinate, but we all do. It’s human nature because, let’s face it, no one really wants to work. We all want to be born with a silver spoon in our mouths, be independently wealthy, and spend our days lounging on the beach on a tropical island in the South Pacific. But since the overwhelming majority of us were born commoners, we have to work in order to survive.

As a college student, it is super easy to procrastinate because there is always something else you could be doing rather than studying and doing homework. From laying out in the sun on a particularly warm day to listening to talks about any topic under the sun, you could spend entire days hopping from one activity to another. Kent’s Best Apartments had one piece of advice: don’t do it! Once work piles up, it can become overwhelming and super stressful, which is not good for you. If it helps, work out a system, such as reminders that ding at your periodically, to remind you to get your studies done.

De-Stress by Practicing Self-Care

College can be very stressful, especially if you are training for a high tech career that involves getting into top-notch graduate school. It can also be very easy to let yourself go because you convince yourself you don’t have time for self-care. Nothing could be further from the truth. The other side of not doing anything and procrastinating is spending all your time on school, which, while admirable, is not the healthiest thing you could be doing.

Kent’s Best Apartments recommends that you make time for yourself and practice self-care. This entails getting good enough sleep (which is hard for college students since they are physically able at this age to survive on little sleep) and engaging in activities that you like to do. If you like to ski and your college is in the mountains, go for a ski day. If you like to rock climb, do that. If you just need to go for a long trail run, by all means, do. Or, if you love curling up on an afternoon with your cat or dog and enjoying a good book, do that as well. Whether you enjoy watching a movie with friends or just taking a hot bubble bath, you will be better able to perform your work when you approach it fresh.


College students can be pulled in multiple directions like the rest of us can be. It’s important to maintain a work, life, and school balance in order to stay healthy and enjoy living. No one said it would be easy, but it’s an important life skill to cultivate in college that will serve you throughout your life.

Kent’s Best Apartments does our part in helping you find that balance by providing the best apartments near Kent State. Our apartments offer amenities for you to enjoy to help you find that balance. We are pet-friendly, meaning you can have Fido and/or Fluffy who are stress-relievers in their own right. We are extremely close to Kent State, so you can sleep in extra 20 minutes every day instead of commuting. The utilities are included in the rent, so you don’t have to worry about keeping the heat low in the winter to save on the electric bill. At Whitehall Terrace, we offer an outdoor heated pool in the summer, free tanning, state-of-the-art fitness center, and a dedicated staff to help you out.

Furthermore, we offer 24-hour emergency maintenance, so you won’t stress over your clogged toilet. Most suites have balconies, so you can watch the sun set or rise and sit outside with your morning cup of coffee before you begin your day. The apartments themselves are designed for ultimate comfort, with extra storage, full kitchens, and open floor plans. Basic cable and private internet are also included in the rent.

Our mission at Kent’s Best Apartments is to help you have the best college experience. We truly hope to be your home away from home while you are at Kent State. We understand the difficulties of college and the transitions involved. We want to make your living accommodations while in college easy. Our apartments are spacious and comfortable, making them truly a place to look forward to returning to after a long day at school, work, or living life. We hope the tips above will help you find a healthy work, life, and school balance. Contact us today for a tour!