A rude and abrupt awakening from your phone’s alarm clock may be enough to help you pry your eyes open, but it’s hardly promoting a positive and healthy start to the day. According to a 2014 study about sleepiness among college students, Hershner and Chervin found that “Daytime sleepiness, sleep deprivation, and irregular sleep schedules are highly prevalent among college students, as 50% report daytime sleepiness and 70% attain insufficient sleep.”

The Collegiate Struggle To Get Sufficient Sleep

They go on about the consequences of sleep deprivation and daytime sleepiness which can include compromised learning, impaired mood, and an increased risk of academic failure and a lower subsequent grade point average. Now, the effects of a lack of sleep are quite well known, and the idea that college students aren’t getting enough z’s at night isn’t going to surprise anyone. With respect to turning in earlier for the night, what else can you do to feel well rested and start the day off feeling great the following morning?

Start Your School Day From Our Apartments In Kent

That’s the focus of today’s blog post from the team here at Kent’s Best Apartments. While we’re not delving deep into the science of sleep and how to attain better quality rest at night, we’d like to offer several effective ways to invite positivity and productivity into your days, well before class has started. The best part? You’ll have plenty of time to embark on your morning routine because our Kent apartments are only a short walk away from the heart of Kent State University.

Should you want to reach out to us with any questions, also know that we’re just a short click away. Let’s get started!

Simply Wake Up Earlier

We know, we know — waking up even ten minutes before your first class of the day is still far too early, and forcing yourself to cut into precious sleep time probably doesn’t seem like a great way to seize the morning. However, incorporating an extra 30-45 minutes into your morning routine will help you get a little extra air in your lungs, water in your system, food in your stomach, and as a result, you’ll pay better attention in class.

Morning Hydration

Drinking water is extremely important at any point in the day, but we’d strongly recommend hitting the ground running with a tall glass of water after you wake up. Think about it: you’ve been asleep for (ideally) some 6-8+ hours, and you probably didn’t take a sip of water that whole time. Refresh your mind and your body with some rehydration that even helps facilitate your digestive flow throughout the day.

Go An Hour Without Phones, Laptops, Etc.

We challenge you to avoid looking at your phone after you’ve silenced your alarms. There’s something to be said about giving your mind a chance to relax, breathe, and wake up all on its own before you bombard it with a slew of information from social media networks, emails from professors, and so forth.

Don’t let bad news from someone ruin an otherwise great start to the day. Sure, you’ll eventually have to face the music, but at least give yourself some time in between waking up and tackling the day’s demands to peacefully arise.

Soak Up Some Natural Light And Fresh Air

If it’s not too dark out in the mornings, invite the morning sun into your Kent apartment and crack open your window to get a little fresh air into your lungs. Even if it’s a cloudy morning, it doesn’t hurt to let what little natural light there is outside penetrate into your room. You won’t regret it!

Get Moving

Big group presentation later in the day? Impending midterms on today’s schedule? Amp yourself up and drink a cup of nature’s coffee by exercising before class. It’s easier said than done, but you’ll find that you’ll be quite stimulated and ready to tackle the day’s demands after a little endorphin high. Cardiovascular exercise is proven to stimulate the nervous system and make you feel more awake, especially first thing in the morning. Even better is the fact that you’ll have exercising out of the way and you won’t need to worry about it for the rest of the day!

Fuel Up

There’s no sense in burning calories before class if you’re not replenishing them. Stick to breakfast foods that will provide you with lasting energy until lunch such as granola and yogurt, fresh fruit, and protein bars. Skip sugary breakfast cereals, donuts, and fruit juice that will lead to an energy crash before noon.

Plan Your Day And Set Intentions

As you brew some coffee, hop in the shower, and put some quality breakfast into your system, think twice before you throw on some clothes and head out to class. Give some extra thought as to what you’ll need for the day: textbooks, laptop/laptop charger, writing utensils, notebooks, homework assignments, snacks, water bottles, a jacket, etc. Do you have any meetings with TAs or professors, or other obligations to attend to?

Lay your day out now and proceed confidently knowing that you know what’s coming.

It All Starts From Kent’s Best Apartments

At the beginning (and end) of the day, where you live during your college experience matters. Complete your ideal morning routine with a short, pleasant walk to the heart of Kent State University with the help of our apartments for rent in Kent. Get started today.

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