Happy New Year! Now that you have fully recovered (hopefully) from any all-night New Year’s Eve party or parties, it’s time to get back to business. Even though setting New Year’s resolutions is a bit of a cliche, with a whole decade behind you, now is the perfect time to create some goals for the coming year and even the coming decade! Whether this is your first year at Kent State, or if you’re just about to graduate, the future holds a lot of potential if you’re able to focus on a few resolutions.

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Get More Sleep

With classes, studying, friends, extracurricular activities, and of course some weekend parties, sleep often gets put on the backburner for KSU students. But because of classes, studying, and your overall health, sleep is an essential part of being a successful student. Even if you don’t get a full eight hours of sleep each night, make a resolution to at least try to stick to the same schedule or going to bed at the same time. A consistent sleep schedule is just as important as getting enough hours of sleep each night. It can be challenging with an ever-changing schedule, but after a few weeks of consistency, you’ll feel the difference.

Practice Self-Care

This may not be like most New Year’s resolutions, but it’s an important one! Along with getting enough sleep, Kent State students should practice some overall self-care. If you have been putting off hanging out with friends because of a full schedule, if you need a massage, a facial, a new backpack, or whatever it may be, it’s OK to indulge in yourself at times! After busy days, stressful exams, and the pressure that college students put on themselves to get good grades, give yourself a mental health day and do something just for you!

Create a Five-Year Plan

There’s a reason it’s called a five-year plan instead of a two-year or a 10-year plan. Wherever you are in your college journey, a five-year plan is just enough time to create an achievable goal. If you’re just starting at KSU, create goals for how you want your college years to go, how you want to complete your time at Kent State, and what you want to do the year after school is over. If you’re in the middle of your stay at KSU or nearing the end, start to create goals for what you want to do after school is over. Make clear goals and create actionable items to ensure you can achieve them.

Add Something New to Your Apartment

An apartment can be simply a space you sleep and eat in, or it can be made into a true home. If your apartment is feeling a little stale or boring and needs a change, there are a few things you can do to spice it up. Add one of these low-maintenance plants, shop for a new piece of art to put on the wall, or even create your own art, or add a new area rug to the living room. You don’t need to spend much money to make a big change in your Kent State apartment. And even a small change in your apartment may give you a new outlook on other things in your life.

Meet New People

College is all about meeting new people and making friends! Keep in mind that many people attending Kent State are in the same boat as you and don’t know many people around town or on campus. So if you’re nervous about meeting new people, remember that they might be too! Talk to people in your classes, sit at a new table at lunch, or hang out in the common area at Kent’s Best Apartments. There are plenty of people to meet, it’s just about creating the opportunity!

Ask Forgiveness

This may sound like an odd New Year’s resolution, but we’re talking about asking yourself for forgiveness! If you didn’t do as well on a test as you would have hoped or if you didn’t study as much you wanted to, forgive yourself! College is oftentimes the most stressful and hectic time of life, and being hard on yourself when something doesn’t turn out right is only going to add to the stress. Give yourself some slack, take a day to reprioritize or to consider how to improve going forward, and let go of the past.

Explore Ohio

If you have been spending all of your time on campus, take some time to explore the surrounding towns and the greater Ohio state! There are plenty of new places to explore in Kent, Akron is just a half-hour away, visit Cleveland and Lake Erie, visit the state capitol, Columbus, or if you need some time in nature, make a trip to Salt Fork State Park. Ohio is a beautiful state and there is a lot to see, so if you’re looking to get away from it all, try exploring!

Whether you call them resolutions or life goals for the year, there are endless possibilities and opportunities — you just have to take some time to think about what you want to do to make your new year a great one!

Kent’s Best Apartments strives to be just that — the best apartments for Kent State students. With several great amenities and staff who are passionate about putting resident needs first, you can be confident that you’re living in a great apartment. Whether you need a one-, two-, or three-bedroom apartment, or even a pet-friendly apartment, we have what you need! Learn more about our Kent State apartments and schedule a tour today!