If mac and cheese on a pulled pork sandwich sound like just the thing to satisfy your latest craving, then you’re in luck. Home to a number of stellar eateries and places to get delicious drinks with prices that won’t drive up your crippling student loan debt, it really is worth checking out some of Kent’s local spots. And hey, with the convenient proximity that Kent’s Best Apartments puts you in, you won’t even need a car to get to some of these spots! Sounds like a great deal to us.

Explore Kent From Our Apartments Near Kent State University

Pet-friendly and packed full of generous amenities, Kent’s Best Apartments enjoys the reputation of being the preferred off-campus living situation for KSU students. With as close as we are to campus, it’s like the convenience of living in the dorms on campus — without actually being confined to a cramped dorm room! From the perspective of a student, it really doesn’t get much better than that.

Whether you’d like to check out the Hickory Mills Apartments, The Summit Hill Apartments or the iconic Whitehall Terrace Apartments, Kent’s Best is happy to have you here. Feel free to schedule a tour today!

And now, allow us to whet your appetite and distract you from academic pursuits with these local restaurants in town.

Bricco In Kent

This pizzeria offers creative pies that you won’t find anywhere else, along with something that college students and stressed-out young professionals alike can appreciate (or really just anyone of age): a selection of over 240 beers and wines. That’s quite a few libations to select from. Located in between main campus and downtown, Bricco In Kent isn’t too far away.

Nineteen 10

This restaurant and lounge is a more upscale locale in town, but if you’re looking to wow a date that you met in one of your classes, then hey, why not impress them by balling out a little bit? Known for cooking up excellent steaks, Nineteen 10 should be your go-to steak spot. Stakeout? We’ll let you make the call on that one.

Ray’s Place

Looking to grab some simple grub in a not-so-fancy context? Ray’s Place is the epitome of reliable, delicious American food in town. Also a bar and a pub, Ray’s Place enjoys 4.5 stars based on 283 reviews on Tripadvisor — not bad at all. If you have the late night hunger rumblies or you’re just looking to grab a simple beer when you’re out with your buds, Ray’s Place is not a bad option.

Wild Goats Cafe

For more relatively simple fare in a fairly casual setting, hitting up Wild Goats Cafe might not be a bad idea. From French toast to sandwiches and even avocado omelets, this American-style cafe is also vegetarian-friendly, so there’s another plus right there.

Bistro on Main

Receiving a “Certificate of Excellence” on Tripadvisor, Bistro on Main is a little bit further out from campus, located in between the Kent State University Airport and main campus itself. Also vegetarian-friendly, Bistro on Main offers gluten-free options at their American eatery. Specializing in salmon dishes, their daily specials are something worthy of checking out. We’re sure that it beats yet another meal of Subway or Panda Express in between classes.

The Best Of Kent At Kent’s Best Apartments

Regardless of where you eat, spend your time, how much you socialize, or any of those other crucial decisions that characterize your college experience, finding a great place to live supersedes just about all of these things. At Kent’s Best Apartments, our goal is to provide KSU students with a convenient living situation that takes care of all of their needs — and that’s exactly what we do!

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