Living in an apartment as opposed to a dorm room is great, but for many college students who are on a limited budget, it still requires a roommate to offset the cost. But having a roommate offers a variety of benefits as well, such as someone to hang out with, share meals with, and possibly someone who can introduce you to other people! The key, however, is finding a roommate that you actually like being around.

If you’re looking for a roommate for your Kent State apartment, here are some tips to help you make a great choice.

Think About Whether or Not You Want Someone You’re Already Friends With

Being roommates with someone you’re already friends with can be beneficial, they’re usually easier to talk to when things aren’t going well and you already know that you like hanging out with them. But think about how much time you spend with them currently. Is it every day? Just on the weekends? When you’re living with someone, you’ll most likely see them every day unless your schedules don’t align. Spending too much time with someone, even if you’re friends with them, can become a strain on the relationship.

Get to Know Them Ahead of Time

If you don’t already know a potential roommate, spend some time getting to know them. Even if you don’t care right now about getting along well with your roommate, it will make the entire process and relationship easier when you know about their habits, schedule, living preferences, and more. You can talk about their work and class schedule, if they drink or smoke, how often they will have people over, or what their thoughts are on sharing household items. You don’t have to become best friends, but it will be beneficial knowing that you can at least get along and respect each other.

Talk About Expectations

There were a few suggestions above about what to talk about when you’re getting to know a potential roommate, but talking specifically about expectations can be incredibly important. It’s not always easy talking about these things, but setting up expectations from the beginning will ensure that everyone is on the same page.

  • Money: Talking about finances can be hard, but you will be depending on them to pay rent each month and possibly contribute towards household expenses such as utilities, food, or decor. Make sure that they have a steady income and can reliably pay their part of the rent.
  • Cleaning: In an apartment, there are shared spaces, including the kitchen, living room, and possibly the bathroom if it’s a one-bathroom apartment. Talking about a cleaning schedule or setting up expectations on how neat and tidy you want the apartment will ensure that everyone is happy and doing their part.
  • Food: Will you make meals together? Share the groceries? How will you split the cost if you do share food? Keeping everything separate can make sense, but when you’re both buying gallons of milk or cartons of eggs, it may be more cost-effective to share certain items.


As you can tell, communication is essential when you’re choosing a roommate. A roommate is of course about living with someone that you enjoy being with, but there are various aspects of having a roommate that require a great deal of diplomacy. There will most likely be disagreements or even arguments about certain things, so it’s important to know that you’re living with someone who can accept feedback and can communicate effectively about issues that they are unhappy with. Being open and honest is the key to successfully living in an apartment with a roommate.

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