Whether you spent your summer knocking out a few academic credits, interning somewhere, working full-time, or just relaxing and hanging out between semesters, we’re willing to bet that June and July flew by in the blink of an eye. Much to the chagrin of students, the Fall 2019 academic semester is only a few weeks away, and in the interest of being proactive, it’s time to start thinking about what you need to do. 

Your Home Away From Home

If you’re planning on living off-campus this upcoming semester, that means you’re not a freshman, and you’re probably not getting homesick. That being said, Kent’s Best Apartments offers three distinct student apartment communities in the heart of Kent designed to provide you with everything that you’ll need to be successful this semester (and semesters to come). From our world-class, built-in amenities to our proximity to your classes, it’s hard to beat the value that our student apartments offer! 

In today’s blog post, we’ll cover some valuable move-in tips for students to help ease your transition to Summit Hill, Hickory Mills, or Whitehall Terrace. Keep reading to learn more. 

Tips To Make Your Move A Breeze

Pack Your First-Night Essentials Somewhere Easily Accessible

Your move-in starts with your move-out, so while you’re packing up your personal belongings, toiletries, and other essentials prior to the departure of your old place, make sure that these items are easily accessible when you’re spending your first night at our Kent apartments. 

Consider simply packing a drawstring bag or backpack with a change of clothes, soap, shampoo, a few towels, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and whatever else you think you’ll need for that first, exhausted night in your new home. 

Move Early and Move Efficiently

College housing leases typically start mid-July to mid-August, usually a couple of weeks before the first day of the semester. It’s important to note that this is a very hot time of year — for most places in the United States, it’s the hottest time of year. Don’t make the mistake of sleeping in and hauling heavy furniture in the scorching afternoon sun; it’s just something that you don’t want to do. 

Instead, force yourself to get up early, drink some coffee, eat a good breakfast, and make sure to drink plenty of water. Take small breaks frequently and make sure to take it easy if you’re starting to feel lightheaded. 

Settle In Before The Freshmen

By “move early,” we don’t solely mean to physically move early in the day. Though that’s important to avoid potential heat exhaustion, it’s also important to finish your move-in before the swarm of freshmen take over the city of Kent. This should go without saying, but trust us, you don’t want to deal with the roads during the freshman move-in weekend. 

Team Up With Your Roommates (Or Get Friends To Help)

Moving heavy furniture on your own is unrealistic. However, hiring a professional moving company can be rather expensive on a college student budget, so why not compromise and get some friends or neighbors to help you? Not only will your back muscles not be as strained, but you’ll get the large items moved in a fraction of the time. It’s a win/win. 

Don’t forget to compensate these fine people with some pizza and beer. 

Dress Appropriately

If you’re not working up a sweat while you’re moving, then you’re doing it wrong…or probably not moving anything at all! When moving, it’s important to wear the right clothing. Flexible, breathable materials that allow for a good range of motion are recommended, along with stable, supportive, and cushioned footwear — no sandals allowed!

Accept A Few Days Of Disorganization

Do you value organization? Many people do, but moving between different student apartments in Kent means that your personal belongings are going to be spread out. Your spatula may have ended up in a box of clothes, and your prized comic book collection might be MIA (don’t worry, it’ll return!). 

It’s important to relax, take a deep breath, and let the chaos of moving flow through you for a couple of days. In due time, you’ll have everything moved in, and you can properly unpack, organize, and decorate your apartment to your liking. Then, it’s smooth sailing until the semester starts, baby. 

Pro-tip: properly labeling your moving boxes to have a clear idea of what’s inside of them can help save you time (and hassle) when it comes to unpacking them in the right places. 

Consider a Bulk Grocer Membership

Joining a bulk grocer like Sam’s Club or Costco won’t necessarily speed things up when you’re moving in, but it will help keep your student apartment stocked with household essentials…for months to come. There’s nothing worse than coming back to an apartment with no all-purpose cleaner or toilet paper (with the exception of overpaying for these types of items, of course). 

Whether you’re living on your own at Kent’s Best or you’re enjoying your prime college years with roommates, it’s worth your while to join a bulk grocer and make a massive supplies run every few months. 

Questions For Our Kent Student Apartments? Let Us Know!

As we mentioned above, we’d like our current residents and future residents to know that we’re here to help support their academic endeavors and all that you do in your time here in Kent. If there’s anything that we can do to help you before (or after) the fall semester ramps up, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us

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