As many people who have actually attended and successfully completed college would agree with us, your time as an undergraduate is very much a “learn-as-you-go” experience. What that ultimately means depends on you as an individual and what you’re studying, but our main point is that no one is expected to know of all of the answers and what they’re doing in general. After all, that’s most of the reason why you’re in this position as a student in the first place — to learn!

The College Experience Is What You Make It

We’ve said this a number of times before, and we’ll continue to repeat ourselves like a broken record because this statement is so important: you will make mistakes throughout college. However, you’ll also celebrate your fair share of successes and make fun memories with new friends along the way. This is the perfect time in your life to explore yourself as a person as well as the passions that motivate you to work hard and achieve that well-deserved success. Really, you’re in the right place at the right time. Getting the perfect student apartment near Kent State University is just icing on the collegiate cake!

Stress-Free Student Apartments Near Kent State

Actually, having a convenient, stress-free living situation as an undergrad is more than just an accessory to your college experience — it’s a vital component. When you’ve moved on from the dorms on campus, you’re going to want a place that’s still close to the heart of KSU without any of the sacrifices that “cheaper” student apartments present. As far as quality and value are concerned, look no further than Kent’s Best Apartments!

Planning ahead for next semester? Schedule a tour today for our apartments near Kent State and discover your favorite student apartment among the Hickory Mills Apartments, Summit Hill Apartments, and Whitehall Terrace Apartments.

Keep reading below to get follow-up advice from our previous blog post about college tips.

Tailor Your Schedule To What Works Best For You

Not a morning person? Skip that dreaded 8 am physics lecture. Prefer to wake up, watch the sunrise, and get things done before everyone else? Don’t schedule most of your classes in the afternoon. There’s a pretty good amount of flexibility when it comes to registering for classes, so don’t make things harder on yourself by building out your semester around times that you don’t like. Just make sure that you…

Register For Classes Early (Or As Early As Possible)

In order to get an optimal selection of course times, you’ll want to meet with your counselor ahead of time to be clear about what you need to take for the upcoming semester. Once you have your course ducks in a row, you can look ahead as to when your necessary courses are being offered (and, even more importantly, who’s teaching them!). Then, when registration finally opens, you’ll know exactly what to select.

If you’re going to abstain from procrastination on just one thing each semester, let it be course registration!

Carry Your Weight

Those textbooks may be pretty heavy, but we mean more than just physically carrying around a heavy backpack. If you’re working on a group project of any type, don’t slack and hold back your group from success. By this point in your academic career, you should know what it takes for you to complete something with quality in mind. Additionally, by this point in your overall life, you should have the maturity and responsibility to hold yourself accountable. Don’t slack off, especially when other people’s grades are on the line.

Don’t Be Afraid To Say “No”

This is a piece of advice that more adults in the “real world” need to embrace. If you’ve accepted so many offers to party, hang out, study with classmates, bond with roommates and participate in intramural sports leagues that you have no time remaining for yourself, then you’ve been using the word “yes” too often. Always remember to take time for yourself. This is crucial for your mental and physical health, and we assure you that you’ll be thanking yourself later.

Your New Home Is Here At Our Kent State University Apartments

To us here at Kent’s Best Apartments, where you live matters. That’s why our apartments near Kent State are built just for KSU students like you! Walk across Summit St. and visit today or feel free to schedule a tour with us.

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