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Sometimes as a college student it can seem like you’re always broke. After all, it’s hard to work a lot of hours, study, and attend classes, plus do all the other things busy college students like to do, such as hang out with friends, grab coffee, decide on a career, and just have fun. However, there are many things you can do as a college student in order to save money.

Kent’s Best Apartments are the best apartments near Kent State University. We’re within walking distance of Kent State, making it incredibly easy to live here. Our pet-friendly apartments include the cost of utilities in the rent. From full kitchens and new appliances to paying your rent online, our goal is to make your life as a college student as easy as possible. Below, we’ll offer up some money-saving tips for college students. Contact us to learn more about our three apartments near Kent State today!


Maximize Your Student Discounts

A lot of companies and businesses offer students discounts. Not only does this make good business sense since they then attract more college students as customers, but it also gives college students a break from the huge expense college can be overall. Thus, Kent’s Best Apartments near Kent State recommends that you always carry your student ID with you wherever you go. From the local coffee shop to big-name stores, such as Apple and J.Crew, you’ll never know when you will need your student ID. And even if it’s just 50 cents off your favorite coffee drink at the corner coffee store, if you go frequently, that can add up quickly so be sure to use it.

In addition, don’t be afraid to ask everywhere you go if they do offer a student discount. Sometimes places don’t advertise their student discounts, or they may just give you a discount just for asking. It never hurts to try, and as a college student, you need that extra money in your pocket for use elsewhere.

Avoid Credit Cards

A lot of students leave college racked with student loan debt. That debt can be smart debt, since it allows you to get a college degree and begin moving forward with your career. However, many students also leave college with debt they shouldn’t have — credit card debt.

It can be extremely easy to use your credit card. After all, you can have the latest iPhone and pay for it later, as well as the new couch for your Kent State University off-campus housing, a spring break trip to Mexico, and a new wardrobe for Mexico. As you can see, it’s easy to accumulate credit card debt. The problem is that this debt can keep you in debt for a long time due to the interest rate being charged on a monthly basis on your balance.

Kent’s Best Apartments recommends you avoid the use of credit cards altogether in order to save money as a college student. It’s better to just use your debit card, which is attached to your checking account, and which will limit your spending. However, if you do use a credit card, be sure to pay it off every month so you are not accumulating debt or paying exorbitant interest charges on the balance.

Never Buy New

As a college student, you will be moving at least once out of your Kent State University off-campus housing. Odds are, you will move around quite a bit until you are settled. Thus, you will be buying and selling a lot of furniture, and the less stuff you have to move, the easier it is. Thus, Kent’s Best Apartments recommends you avoid buying anything new until your career is going. This included new textbooks for classes, which you may be able to get at the university library, online at Amazon, or even through a rental book service. You don’t need a new book for four months. Avoid buying new furniture, new clothes, and a new car.

Use a Bicycle

As a student, you really only go from your apartment near Kent State to your classes, to the grocery store, and to your local haunts. This is all probably within a two to three mile distance from your apartment. Thus, you can bike to the majority of these places, probably faster if you factor in traffic, rather than use a car. Thus, Kent’s Best Apartment recommends that you don’t even own a car as a college student. From the expense of parking permits, gas, car insurance, and maintenance on your vehicle, you could be spending a lot of unnecessary money.

Instead, invest in a good bicycle to get you places. Kent State University has a lot of bicycle racks for your use all over campus, and since Kent is a college town, you can rest assured that there are bike racks at every place college students frequent. You could save thousands of dollars over your college years with just this one money-saving tip for college students.

Maximize Your Living Situation

Outside of college tuition and food, student housing will be your next big expense. Thus, if you are looking to save money, this is the place to start. First, it’s important to investigate all of your housing options as a college student. Odds are, you’ll want to live in some sort of Kent State University off-campus housing, which usually means an apartment. The cheapest way to live is to have at least one roommate who will share the cost of your apartment. Thus, if you get a two-bedroom apartment, you have one bedroom and your roommate has the other. You’ve effectively cut the cost of rent with just this one compromise. Or, choose to rent a one-bedroom apartment instead of paying for the extra room if you are just using it for storage.

Kent’s Best Apartments near Kent State offer extremely affordable student housing options. We offer studio apartments, one-bedroom and two-bedroom options, all featuring great floor plans. Utilities are included in the price of rent. A lot of our best apartments have private balconies, oversized closets, breakfast bars, air conditioning, and in-suite washer and dryer. We offer free parking and wireless internet, as well as a great pet policy. We’ve done our best to ensure you are comfortable and feel at home with our apartments near Kent State University.


Kent’s Best Apartments offers three locations to better serve the busy college student on a budget: Whitehall Terrace, Summit Hill, and Hickory Mills. All are extremely close to campus, so on those days when you do hit the snooze button too many times, you can still make it to class. Our mission is to make your stay with us as easy as possible, which is why you will be hard pressed to find other Kent State University off-campus housing options that can meet or beat our offerings.

We understand the busy life of a college student, as well as the need for college students to save money while in school. We invite you to come and check us out. Schedule a tour at one of our best apartments near Kent State today!