After you’ve successfully navigated the pre-Thanksgiving holiday academic frenzy, it’s now time to settle down for some much-deserved rest. You’re not far from the end of the semester! What once seemed like a point very distant in the future is now well within your sights. As your source for apartments in Kent near Kent State University, we’re proud to have been able to experience this semester right along your side via our blog.

Coming Back Strong For The Rest Of The Semester

After what feels like a go-go-go semester with little to no true breaks to alleviate your workload, you’re now rewarded with a well-deserved long weekend. Thanksgiving break is a nice holiday for working professionals, but it’s even more beneficial for stressed out college students who need an extended breather before the mental madness of finals.

While we’d suggest that you take this opportunity to get a little R&R in with your family — with great food to boot — if you must study over Thanksgiving break, there are a few ways that you can maximize your time without completely ignoring your family members. Check out these simple ways to get the most out of your Thanksgiving break below so that you come back to the Hickory Mills, Summit Hill, and Whitehall Terrace apartments swinging and ready to go.

Remember That You’re Investing In Your Future Wellbeing

Don’t worry if you’re entering Thanksgiving break with a full academic plate (and the anticipation of a full plate of real food). There’s nothing wrong with sending some important emails over the long weekend as well as reading some chapters of your textbook or completing assignments online. However, we’d urge you to hold off on schoolwork as much as possible to avoid burning out early when you return back to our student apartments in Kent.

You’ll be feeling more sharp, well-rested, and mentally (and physically) refreshed after a weekend with some quality family and friend time. You’ll always have the opportunity to come back to Kent State University and study, but how many Thanksgiving breaks do you really get in life?

Take Advantage Of Travel Time

If you’re not ready to tune out with your Nintendo Switch or smartphone during your plane ride, this isn’t a bad time to whip out your noise canceling headphones and bury yourself in your textbooks. Hopefully you won’t be sitting next to a crying baby during your flight.

Break Down Your Workload

Multiple days off with unstructured time leads to a lack of accountability. Pair that with distractions from friends and family, good food, alcohol consumption, and other potential obligations, and you’re left with a challenging studying dynamic.

Before you depart from our apartments in Kent, make sure that you organize your workload based on the priority of each assignment and what’s due when.

Stay Tuned For More Thanksgiving Break Tips

Above all else, make sure to relax and have fun during turkey day this year. Check back soon as Kent’s Best Apartments covers some additional ways to manage your time and ensure that you come back strong to finish out your best semester to date. Contact us with any questions!

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