If no one has given you the inside scoop on the college experience, listen here: you’re going to grow as a person, you’re going to make a bunch of mistakes, you’re going to make some new friends, and, hopefully, you’ll learn many things on the way. That sounds pretty general, and if you’ve already finished your freshman year and you’re in search of off-campus housing near Kent State University, well, you’ve probably been able to figure out some of these things on your own. Still though, our point is that college should be an exploratory time in your life!

There’s Enough To Worry About As It Is

Given all of the things that you have to balance in your day-to-day life to excel as a college student — you know, things like actually attending class, studying at the library, meeting with classmates for group projects, attempting to cook food on your own, socializing and going out, keeping up with your parents, and trying to focus on your health all at the same time — life can seem…pretty overwhelming.

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Feel free to keep reading below about some useful things that all undergraduates should know.

Acknowledge That College Is Tough

You don’t want to downplay the inherent challenge of the undergraduate experience by saying something like “oh, this isn’t too hard, I can handle taking 20 credits per semester” or “I can handle 37 different things on my plate at one time, so what?” It’s attitudes like these that will cause your downfall when you eventually realize that maybe you did pack too much into your daily schedule or that your course load is simply too much.

By being honest with yourself as to how difficult things can be at times, it will help you navigate the stress in a much healthier way. If there’s anything that college students need to be, it’s probably being healthier! Speaking of which…

Don’t Forgo Your Health

Sleep in on the weekends. Eat your fruits and vegetables. For the sake of your future health, please drink at least adequate amounts of water. This might be a time in your life where you’re hunkering down and focusing on your studies, but without a sharp mind and a healthy body, how can you efficiently absorb all of this information that is promised to help further your career? Neglecting your health, even as a college student, just doesn’t make any sense. If you can, skip the ramen and try and eat some real food with real nutrients.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Your Grade Point Average

Yes, your G.P.A. matters, but in the grand scheme of things, the majority of employers out there are just looking to see whether or not you actually got the degree. Sure, there’s some stigma in “C’s get degrees,” but it’s true — even a 2.0 grade point average is enough to graduate with, at least, depending on the program that you’re in. While you should always take great pride in your academic integrity and work hard to do as well as possible in your classes, don’t beat yourself up over a B, C, or even a failing grade — mistakes happen, and you can always retake a course or find some way to rectify the situation in the future.

Focus On Experiences And Relationships

Textbooks aren’t the only thing that you should be looking into. Who you meet and where you spend your time will characterize a majority of your college experience, and will also shape most of your (ideally fond) collegiate memories. From going out to parties and accepting invitations from classmates on a whim, try to be adventurous and do things that you maybe wouldn’t otherwise do — who knows what could happen? Maybe you’ll meet your future spouse, find $100 on the ground, or have the most fun night of your life to date. The possibilities are endless!

Our point: don’t spend time thinking what could’ve happened; enjoy what actually happened and look forward to it happening again.

Learn How To Effectively Communicate

This skill will really, really come in handy later in life. Communication is very useful in college, but it only becomes more relevant and important in professional jobs and day-to-day life as a post-graduate. From passive-aggressively letting your roommate know about their dirty dishes for the umpteenth time to letting your classmate know that they aren’t pulling their weight on your group project, sometimes communication isn’t fun…but it’s what you have to do.

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