After what once seemed like an endless toil of studying, reading, writing, and cramming your bursting brain full of knowledge, you’re now nearing the finish line of your undergraduate college career. That’s a monumental achievement for everyone, and it’s definitely something worth celebrating. Well done!

Many college grads will end their academic career after obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, while others will go on graduate student life to pursue a Master’s and perhaps even a PhD. Whatever your academic intentions are at Kent State University, just know that Kent’s Best Apartments will always be around to support you and your pursuits.

Planning For Your Future Leaving Our Student Apartment Community

Now, if you’re feeling uncertain about your future career as a college graduate, alleviate some anxiety knowing that you’re not alone. You don’t need to have your entire life mapped out the moment you toss your cap in the air, and you don’t need to land your dream job by the time you’re required to start paying off student loan debt.

That being said, there are some proactive things that you can do (or rather, should do) to help you prepare for a smooth graduation experience. More importantly, some of these to-dos are intended to help you seamlessly transition from recent college grad to an employable, young working professional. After all, that’s the goal, right?

Keep reading below from Kent’s Best Apartments, your reliable student apartments in Kent, as we cover some worthwhile things to do surrounding your college graduation.

Preparing For “The Real World” After College

Utilize The Career Services Office

This important building on campus is so often-underutilized and yet, it’s one of the most important places at KSU to help send you off on your career. Career services can help you do things like find part-time work, internships (paid and unpaid), and volunteer opportunities that help you build rapport in the local community. They’ll also help connect you with valuable networking opportunities relative to your major.

Additionally, career services can help brush up your resume, work on a great cover letter, and help you assemble a killer portfolio to impress potential employers with.

Dress Sharp For The Job

Though you might not start applying for jobs until a few weeks or even months after graduating, it’s important to have some decent, professional attire to help make a good impression when the time finally arrives to start interviewing. Dressing nicely might sound pretty expensive, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

If you receive a sum of money in the form of a graduation present from a family member, consider using this gift money and spending it on some nicer dress shirts or pants. You can even visit a discount store like TJ Maxx, Ross, or Nordstrom Rack to find great deals on clothes that look good and fit you well.

Figure Out Your Post-Graduation Living Situation

Where you’re planning on living after the Spring 2019 semester wraps up depends entirely on what your intentions are. Do you have any summer classes you need to take to finish up those final credits? Are you working a great part-time job in town that you’d like to pursue more seriously now that you have full-time availability? Sticking around our student apartments in Kent might be in your best interest, especially if you’re going to be a graduate student at KSU.

Other students might move back home for a while or follow a job opportunity and move to a completely different city. Remember, though you’re bound to a lease at Kent’s Best Apartments, the option of subletting your room makes for a viable living situation transition (though we’d hate to see you leave!).

Assess Your Student Loan Situation

Some students are fortunate enough to have parents who finance their entire undergraduate education, while others are essentially forced to take out multiple loans in addition to accepting federal aid. At the end of the day (or the academic year), college is simply an expensive affair these days and it requires many thousands of dollars just to obtain a Bachelor’s degree — unless you made your way in with a generous scholarship, of course.

Know that most student loans give you a grace period of about six months after graduation before you need to begin making payments. If you have the money to start sooner, then you’re more than welcome to start paying them down right after graduating. Our takeaway here is to make sure that you’re budgeting your money appropriately and seeking employment in enough time to start paying down your student loans in a timely manner. Defaulting on your loans isn’t a great way to kick-start your career!

Cherish Your Time With Friends And Fellow Students

If you’re not coming back as a graduate student in the fall, then you need to realize that this is it. And even if you are returning, the same people that you know and love may not be attending Kent State University anymore, so it’s important to really enjoy your time with the people that are in your life at this particular point in time.

At the expense of sounding overly sentimental, your college years are truly to be cherished and enjoyed to their fullest. Being a working young professional with no examinations or papers is great, but it’s different. Our advice? Just enjoy the present moment.

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