As we’ve emphasized in the past, college students tend to make a good amount of mistakes. Like full-grown adults and like preschoolers, college kids aren’t perfect, and this developmental period of time marked by growing independence and learning how to cook basic mac ‘n cheese is an interesting one, to say the least. Really, as a parent of a college student, ask yourself the same question: “Were you really a perfect college student back in your undergrad days?” Of course not. Making mistakes and learning the hard way is tough sometimes, but that’s also part of what makes college so much fun.

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In our previous (and first!) blog post from our student apartment experts, Kent’s Best Apartments is going to continue identifying and touching on some of the more common mistakes that college students around the country tend to make. With this kind of subject material, we could realistically write a novel on the matter…but alas, we’ll condense it down to this post.

As far as living near Kent State University goes, the biggest mistake that any KSU student could make is not living in one of our convenient student apartments. Of course, we’re a little bit (okay, quite a bit) biased, but when you consider the value and convenient proximity to campus that we offer, our apartments are virtually unbeatable. From the Whitehall Terrace to Hickory Mills and Summit Hill, contact Kent’s Best Apartments today about taking a tour or filling out an application! We’re excited to get you in the right living situation.

Not Taking Advantage Of Office Hours

So, you’re a bit nervous to ask a question in front of hundreds of fellow students in your lecture hall? That’s understandable. But what about visiting your professor, one-on-one, in the comfort and security of their own office? Even the most introverted of introverts should be able to handle that basic level of social interaction.

Sure, spending your precious free time during your professor’s precious free time might not be ideal, but this is a great opportunity to ask questions, express concerns, or just get information cleared up. Wondering why you got marked down on a certain test question? Ask them. They’re the ones that did it, so they’ll be able to explain it to you.

Not Reading The Syllabus

If there’s a sudden quiz or chapter test that popped up earlier than anticipated, well, your failure to read and understand the syllabus is probably to blame. The course material and schedule, though subject to change (get it? sorry.), is literally laid out in plain ink. So, during the first week of classes, take some time to thoroughly understand the syllabus, various course expectations, upcoming important dates, deadlines, exam dates, and so forth. Your workload shouldn’t be too difficult during syllabus week anyway — unless you’re an engineering student, of course.

Putting Too Much On Your Plate

If taking 20 credits and working 30 hours a week while maintaining your sanity and sleep schedule sounds like a doable thing, you need to step back and give yourself a serious reality check. Academic fatigue and burnout are all too real for many students, so you’ll want to make sure that you have the time to have a healthy balance in your life. Obviously, your first priority is to be a student and excel at your courses, and a supplemental income from a part-time job comes second. Keep your priorities in mind, remember why you’re a student at Kent State University, and make sure that you’re eating healthy, getting enough sleep, socializing, and having fun. Otherwise, what’s the point? Take care of yourself.

Not Enjoying Yourself

To touch on our previous point, college shouldn’t be mental hell. The experience will be inherently challenging and it’s hard to cram all of that knowledge into your brain in such a relatively short amount of time, but always remember this: Have fun! This is college, after all.

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If you’re here with us at Kent’s Best Apartments, then you’ve already done yourself the favor of avoiding one of the worst college mistakes of all — a terrible living situation. Learn more about our Kent State University apartments by contacting us today!

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