A dog is a great companion, someone you can go on walks with, cuddle on the couch with, and play with. But dogs can also be tricky to take care of, they can be messy, and there is a high level of responsibility. When you live in an apartment and are attending classes at Kent State, taking care of a dog can be challenging. The good news is that at Kent’s Best Apartments, we offer pet-friendly apartments that are spacious for both you and your dog!

If you’re looking for a Kent State Apartment, Kent’s Best has a variety of features and amenities that you are sure to love. Get some tips on living in an apartment with a dog, and schedule a tour of our units today!

Tips on Living in an Apartment With a Dog

Get the Right Breed

As you know, dog breeds can range greatly in size and temperament. Some dogs are naturally high-energy, anxious, or have aggressive tendencies if not trained properly. While it does greatly depend on how a dog is trained, breeds like border collies, beagles, German shepherds, and huskies may not do as well in smaller spaces. This doesn’t mean that these breeds cannot live in apartments, they will simply need more attention and exercise to ensure they don’t take excess energy out on your shoes or the carpet.

Hit the Trails

Dogs need exercise and mental stimulation to prevent them from tearing apart your apartment. Depending on your dog’s breed and needs, taking your pet out on a walk or letting them run around in a dog park is a must. This should be done every day as well, not just when you have time in between classes or weekend parties. The Commons is a park within Kent State where you can walk your dog. Some other dog parks include Akron Dog Park and Water Works Dog Park. Some popular trails in the area include The Portage Hike and Bike Trail, Summit MetroParks Freedom Trail, and Tom S Cooperridger-Kent Bog State Nature Preserve.

Try For the First Floor

When your dog decides he needs to go outside in the middle of the night, or needs to quickly go outside for an emergency trip, the last thing you or your dog wants is to climb down flights of stairs. This could result in disaster if you don’t make it on time, and it can become frustrating if it happens often enough. Having a first-floor apartment with a dog makes life much more convenient and simple. Kent’s Best Apartments has three convenient locations, including Hickory Mills, Summit Hill, and Whitehall Terrace. Summit Hill has multiple levels, and the other two locations are single-floor apartments.

Establish and Know the Rules

This includes apartment rules regarding pets, but also your own rules for your dog. Are you going to let your dog sit on the couch? Are you going to have special cleaning supplies at the entryway when the weather is wet and muddy? Where are you going to keep your dog’s toys, bed, and food and water? Establishing rules and making sure your dog understands the rules (especially about being on the couch or not), will ensure that your apartment stays as clean as possible. If you have questions about the pet policies at Kent’s Best Apartments, including pet fees, be sure to contact us!

Visit the Vet

Not only is it important to keep your dog up to date on all vaccines, but a vet will ensure that your dog is as healthy as possible. When living in a pet-friendly apartment, there’s a good chance that you will run into other residents with dogs as well. Knowing that your dog is protected will give you peace of mind. Your vet will also be a good resource for the best food, treats, toys, and more. Some veterinarian clinics close to Kent’s Best Apartments include Memorial Animal Hospital and Stow Kent Animal Hospital.


Socializing a dog is especially important for growing puppies. The more a puppy can be around other dogs, the easier it will be for them when they’re older to enjoy playing with other dogs and to get along with them better. Taking your dog to a doggy daycare or a boarding facility once in a while, or letting them run around at a dog park are great ways to keep them socialized. You may also appreciate an extra tired pup after a trip to the dog park as well.

Keep Them Entertained

Dogs who are bored tend to get into trouble, whether it’s whining for attention or chewing on various items around the apartment. None of these actions are good for your dog, your apartment and belongings, or your time. If you don’t already have a collection of toys, take a trip to a local pet store to find some entertaining pet toys. Chew toys that double as puzzles, dog bones, ropes, and various other items are perfect to keep around your apartment for rainy days or to keep them occupied while you’re studying for a test.


A well-trained dog makes life and apartment living much easier. Whether it’s training to use the bathroom outside, training your dog to “go to bed,” or training them to recall if they are ever off-leash, these things will also make life easier and more convenient. And if you want to impress guests, you can train your dog to spin in a circle, shake paws, or rollover. These training activities are great ways to give your dog some additional mental stimulation, which can tire them out even more than chasing the ball outside.


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Dogs are man’s best friend, but when you’re living in an apartment, these tips can make everyone’s life happier and easier. If you’re looking for pet-friendly Kent State apartments, look no further than Kent’s Best. Our apartments offer a variety of amenities, including fitness center, newly remodeled units, online payments, and we’re just a few minutes from KSU. We offer several layouts with one to three bedrooms and affordable rent. Learn more about our Kent State apartments, and schedule a tour today.